Bunnie XO Shares Heart-Wrenching Loss

Bunnie XO-YouTube
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Bunnie XO has shared a heart-wrenching loss that has sadly turned her world upside down. Though she knew this day would inevitably come, it still hurts regardless. So, what is going on with the podcast queen and wife of country superstar, Jelly Roll? Keep reading for all of the details.

Bunnie XO Shares Heart-Wrenching Loss

It has not been an easy ride for Bunnie XO (Alyssa DeFord) and that is why her tell-all book will be a smash hit. Though she has been very transparent on her podcast about her past on substances and as a spicy worker, there is so much more to the story. She has had people try to invalidate what she went through or ask her to remove her truth. However, she will not back down for anyone. Along with her partner in crime, Jelly Roll, the two have made an amazing life together, raising daughter, Bailee Ann. They also have partial custody of his son, Noah, and try to live their best lives.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

As Bunnie’s followers know, her father, Bill had stage 4 cancer, something he tried to keep as a secret. He did all that he could to hide it until finally, he reached out to his daughter. She moved him to Nashville where he was in hospice but eventually, Bunnie helped get him his own home. Bill was doing too well for hospice and was actually a miracle but things have happened recently that were a bit frustrating. Now, Bunnie is back with an update and it is not one she wanted to share.

Tragically, her father passed away. She shared a Facebook post with a photo of him holding her as a baby. Bunnie knows that Bill is a charmer so she made sure to ask that he did not “make too many angels fall in love.” Immediately, her followers chimed in with condolences:

  • My heart is with you. I’ll pray for Bill and all who love him.
  • So sorry for your loss, I will keep your family in my prayers
  • Ohhhh, I am SO sorry to see this! Rest Easy Bill!

Invested In Bill

Bunnie XO knew that her followers were so invested in Bill and his progress updates so she would share them as often as she could. Sadly, this was one that everyone knew would come at some point. However, he was such a fighter, it felt like maybe he would live for another decade. Unfortunately, that would not be possible but Bunnie has such a strong community of people to support her. Many even shared their own losses which was really comforting. Hopefully, she knows that Bill is finally at peace.

Are you shocked to hear this news? Let us know and may Bill’s memory be a blessing. Sending so much love to Bunnie and her family during this difficult time.

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