Miranda Lambert Gives Fans Important Warning

Miranda Lambert/Credit: YouTube
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Miranda Lambert has shown she’s not afraid to call out misbehaving audience members. She shared an important warning for anyone who comes to one of her shows. Keep reading for all the details.

Miranda Lambert Gives Fans Important Warning

Miranda Lambert sparked a debate among concertgoers last year when she stopped a concert in the middle of a song to scold a group of girls in the audience taking selfies. Fans were divided over whether the singer was right or if buying a ticket to a show gave audience members certain privileges.

Miranda Lambert/Credit: YouTube
Miranda Lambert/Credit: YouTube

Lambert isn’t anti-selfie. She explained that the group was taking photos with the flash on, which distracted her. Furthermore, she was performing the song “Tin Man” at the time and felt the focus should be on the music, not taking photos.

Almost exactly a year later, more concertgoers found themselves on the end of her wrath. She was once again forced to stop performing the ballad when a fight broke out in the audience. She threatened to come out into the audience to put an end to the fight.

She ultimately stayed on stage and finished the show. But the singer took to her Instagram to share a stern warning with her fans: Stop acting up during “Tin Man.”

Miranda Lambert posted a video message on social media addressing fans fighting at her shows. She said that she doesn’t care if people fight at her shows and encouraged her fans to “give ’em hell” but with an exception.

The singer then listed five songs from her impressive catalog that are Miranda Lambert-approved times to start fights at her concerts.

  1. “Fastest Girl In Town”
  2. “Kerosene”
  3. “Little Red Wagon”
  4. “Wranglers”
  5. “Gun Powder & Lead”

She admonished fans not to fight during “Tin Man.” She told them, “I know you can hear the s**t talking ’cause it’s a ballad but that’s not the time.”

Lambert added to look at the set list and “choose wisely.”

Social Media Reaction

Her fans took to the comments to add in other songs that should be excluded from fighting and those perfect to let the fists fly.

  • Don’t forget about “mama’s broken heart”
  • What about The House that Built Me? Doesn’t that one get any love?
  • We’re not gonna talk about Only Prettier?
  • what about “crazy ex-girlfriend?”
  • add Geraldene to the list

Do you agree with Miranda Lambert that concertgoers shouldn’t fight or take distracting selfies during her hit song “Tin Man”? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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