Rory Feek, of Joey + Rory, Opens Up About Life After Losing Joey

Rory Feek opens up about losing wife, Joey
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Rory Feek opens up about life after losing his wife, Joey. In 2016 Joey Feek lost her battle with cancer. Joey was a wife, mother, and the other half of country music duo, Joey + Rory.

Timeline of the success of Joey + Rory

The duo’s rise to fame came quickly after competing in the music competition Can You Duet. Remarkably four months after the end of the show, the pair was at the ASCAP Country Music Awards. In 2009, they traveled in a customized tour bus for the 17th annual Country Thunder USA festival. Notably, they won the Top New Duo of the Year award at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. In addition to that award, they were nominated for two others. Also of note, in 2011 and 2015 Joey + Rory won Vocal Duo at the Inspirational Country Music Awards.

In an emotional interview with Taste of Country, Rory Feek gives insight into what life has been like since Joey’s passing. Heartbreakingly, he shares, “If I had lost Joey and Indy wasn’t here, I think I would have had a harder time than I do.” Without a doubt, losing your wife and bandmate is traumatic. Rory goes on to say, “God knew I needed someone who needed me at this very time. He knew that I was going to wake up alone and He knew that I didn’t have to be alone.”

Indiana was born- and everything changed

Indiana was born in 2014 with Down Syndrome. Reminiscing about her birth from Joey’s point of view, Rory says, “The birth was the greatest experience. Holding the baby in her arms was the greatest experience. She realized that she had almost missed out on the greatest treasure of living for her.” Heartbreakingly, he goes on to say, “Of course I wish she had lots and lots of years with Indiana, instead of only two. But I try to focus on the fact that she got two years that she didn’t plan on. I know she was thankful for that.”

Taste of Country highlights, that in Rory Feek’s part of the country, Rory is “trying not to let things like coronavirus or racial tensions get to him.” Through the lens of riding on a John Deere tractor through a backfield, Rory gets to watch his daughter, Indiana grow up. Repeatedly throughout his interview with Taste of Country, he graciously expresses how grateful he is for his blessings, Joey and Indy.

Rory Feek stays busy with the farm and writing children’s books

Rory Feek released his first children’s book, The Cow Said Neigh!: A Farm Story, in 2018. His most children’s recent book, The Day God Made Youwas published earlier this week on June 16, 2020. In the forward to the book, he goes on to explain how Indy isn’t just a blessing to him, but she was a blessing to Joey too. Gutwrenchingly, he writes, “Joey needed Indy. Her whole life, Joey thought that she wasn’t going to be a mother. She didn’t think she was motherly. She didn’t think it was something that was missing from her life. She needed Indy because the thing that she was most afraid of was having a baby.”

While the loss of Joey is devastating, Rory Feek appears to handle it with grace and gratitude. It also seems that a lesson to learn from the Feeks is to face your fears because your biggest blessing might come from what’s on the other side of them.  Please continue to check Country Music Alley for your country music fix.

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