Carrie Underwood Crushes Viral Push Up Challenge And Discusses Healthy Living

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It seems like every day there is a new viral challenge popping up on social media. Seemingly, most recently, fitness challenges are a popular way to pass the time. Carrie Underwood turns to TikTok to join in on the fun.

Carrie Underwood participates in TikTok push-up challenge

It should come as no surprise that Carrie Underwood would slay a push-up/plank challenge on TikTok. After all, she is the founder of a wildly successful athleisure line. Earlier this week, the American Idol alum takes to TikTok duet alongside social media influencer and Marine, Kevin Edmonson. Talent Recap reports on the exciting mini-workout.

Motivationally, Carrie keeps an upbeat spirit while completing a series of push-ups and difficult plank moves. Fans of Country music superstar know that she’s been on a remarkable fitness journey for a significant amount of time. In addition, Talent Recap states that she uses the app MyFitnessPal to track her macros, however, she indulges in dark chocolate and wine.

How does Carrie stay healthy and fit?

Inspirationally, the “Before He Cheats” singer shares her fitness journey in her book Find Your Path. Readers learn that Carrie follows a plant-based diet and keeps a food journal. She shares that some of her favorite foods to eat are overnight oats and sandwiches with Tofurky.

Insightfully, Carrie shares the influence growing up on a farm has had on her eating habits. At thirteen years old, Carrie had a revelation about where the meat on her plate came from and made the conscious effort to stop eating beef. “There were always cows. I always helped with them. They were a part of our lives, but I had never considered where they went when they left us. And like most kids, I had never considered where the meat on my plate came from, either,” reflects Carrie in her book. The songstress elaborates, “I’ve never gone back to eating beef, and I never will. Instead, I’ve progressed in the opposite direction, eventually dropping all animal meat out of my diet as I felt ready to. I don’t feel that my body needs it.”

How did Carrie overcome post-American Idol haters?

Sadly, some of the progression in her healthy lifestyle did not come from a good place. It’s hard to believe that when Carrie Underwood was competing on American Idol in 2005, she was getting harsh comments online critiquing her body. As a result, Talent Recap expounds on the severe dieting Carrie Underwood participated in. Eventually, Carrie explains, “I knew I could be better for myself, and I let my haters be my motivators.”

In exciting news, fans will be able to follow along with Carrie as she’s set to launch a fitness app. The app will allow users to follow her Fit52 method. Carrie describes it as a “year-round, common-sense approach to health and fitness.”

So it seems Carrie Underwood is quite relatable despite reaching superstardom, founding an athleisure line, writing a book, and staying healthy and fit. Stay tuned to Country Music Alley for more Country music news.

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