Chase Rice Talks About Writing, New Songs, and Fun Facts

Chase Rice
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Fans may remember the controversy surrounding Chase Rice and his decision to play a concert amid the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, Taste of Country reports that the country crooner is getting back to songwriting.

Chase Rice lets fans know he’s writing again

In the recent past, Chase Rice released two parts out of his four-part album project. The Album Part I released in January as a surprise. Subsequently, The Album Part II was released in May. The Album Part I and Part II are the first albums released by Rice since his wildly successful Lambs &Lions record in 2017. However, looking at his discography, it appears that Rice releases new records every two to three years.

On Instagram, the “Eyes on You” singer shares his thoughts on writing. “I’m getting back into writing mode here. I think I’ve written like five songs the last week. I’m excited to get back into writing and I’m excited to work on Part 3 and Part 4, what my album ends up looking like,” he shares.

Additionally, he shares a preview of his song, ”Ain’t Many Like Us Left.” On the Instagram video, he captions the post, “Wrote today, ready to get back out and play songs for ya’ll, till then I’ll have new stuff coming.”

Another new song teaser

Surprisingly for fans, Chase Rice also shares a new untitled song. In the caption he calls for fans to name the song below. Additionally, he writes, “What should we call this one? For me the first night back from tour is always just a little bit, wild.” To round off the caption, he includes a grinning devil emoji.

Jokingly, one fan writes, “You’re just gonna go ahead and contribute to making all these corona babies huh?” The comment is well received amongst other followers. Another fan describes the song as “Wrecking Ball” vibes, referencing the Eric Church hit.

Fun Fact: Chase Rice was on Survivor

Shockingly, Taste of Columbia highlights the fact that in 2010, Chase Rice competed on Survivor: Nicaragua. Even more surprisingly, he did well and supposedly won $10,000. Throughout the course of his time on the show, Rice routinely spoke about his Country music dreams. At the December 2010 reunion, he got to perform an original song titled “Buzz Back.”

What the “Lonely If You Are” singer has been up to during coronavirus

After the backlash from his not so socially distant concert earlier this summer, according to his Twitter (@ChaseRiceMusic), Chase Rice is keeping busy during these trying times. Keeping in theme with fun facts about the 34-year-old Asheville, North Carolina native, he once was a pit crew member for Nascar driver, Jimmie Johnson. In July, Rice spoke with Fox NASCAR reporter, Jamie Little about his NASCAR days and how he got to where he is in Country music.

All in all, it seems that the fuss of the controversial concert is dying down. Ultimately, fans have peace of mind knowing that Chase Rice is working on new music. Additionally, he can’t wait to perform live again. Stay tuned to Country Music Alley for more Country music news.


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