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People reported on an interview Country music sensation Sam Hunt, 35,  gave to HITS Daily Double

What we know about Sam Hunt’s DUI and Open Container charges

In the brutally honest interview, a lot of what the “Hard to Forget” singer, discusses stems from his DUI and Open Container charges. On November 21, 2019, Hunt was arrested after he “decided to drive himself home after drinking at a friend’s show in downtown Nashville,” he tweets. Subsequently, the arrest warrant obtained by People indicates that Hunt had a blood alcohol content of .173. It should be noted that the legal limit in Tennessee is .08.

Seemingly very mature in his thought process post-arrest, Hunt shares some insight with HITS Daily Double. After his high-profile arrest, his camp wanted to “suppress it,” he wasn’t afraid to talk about what happened. Additionally, he holds fast to the idea that “if it happens, it’s true.” Hunt goes on to explain how he was raised to respect alcohol and that moderation ins important. “I’ve never wanted to glorify it. It’s a cheap trick in country music, and I’ve always wanted to avoid that.”

The truth behind Sam Hunt songs

With all of that in mind, it is clear to see why Sam Hunt chooses the songs he does. It’s apparent that he doesn’t want to change who he is. Ultimately, Hunt recognizes that his fans respect him for that. “My fans, I think, were drawn to songs that were vulnerable, that showed what was underneath,” Hunt shares. “I owe it to them to stay that way.”

Ultimately, Sam Hunt won’t write songs about just anything. However, Hunt gives a logical explanation for this rationale. He says, “there’s a fine line between something that’s true to your life and exposing your partner or soulmate.”  That’s not to say he won’t write about those things, but his preference seems to be more historical song-writing. For example, he says, “I love writing songs about that place the circumstances before I got to Nashville.”

Notably, two of Sam Hunt’s most vulnerable songs are “Sinning with You” and “2016” off of his album Southside. Surprisingly, “2016” hits on the moral conflicts between Christianity and religious views on being intimate with someone. To Hunt, the message isn’t that intimacy is “shades of gray” but rather “how different everything is with this person.” Reports allege that “2016” is inspired by his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler. The couple was on-again-off-again till they married in 2017.

Ultimately Sam Hunt shares, “I don’t feel brave for putting (“2016″) out, because that’s about me.” Holding fast to honesty is the best policy, Hunt says, “If something’s true, I’ve never been bothered if people find out. If I ever painted myself in a false light, that would bother me. Even if it was a less flattering light but true, well, okay.”

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