Carrie Underwood Issues an Apology- For What?

Carrie Underwood
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Undoubtedly, last night’s ACM Awards are one for the history books. It goes without saying that Country music sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, made history of her own.

What did Carrie Underwood miss in her acceptance speech?

Shockingly in an ACM Awards first, Carrie Underwood tied with Thomas Rhett for Entertainer of the Year. In hindsight, it seems kind of ominous that the ACM’s would do something record-breaking- like have two artists win the coveted title. Having a dual Entertainer of the Year comes shortly after Garth Brooks announces he no longer wants to be considered for the honor.

Notably, Carrie Underwood made history with Thomas Rhett. However, she is also the only woman to earn three Entertainer of the Year awards. Other artists in the Entertainer of the Year category for 2020 are Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Luke Combs; however, Carrie Underwood is the only female artist nominated in this category.

While some may find her acceptance speech short and sweet, it was missing an element. “Thank you to the ACM for putting me in such an incredible company. I am more than happy to share this with Thomas Rhett,” says Underwood. It wasn’t till later she was able to rectify her speech.

Her apology

Later E!Online reports that Carrie Underwood issues an apology to her family at a press conference after the awards show. In the virtual ACM Awards press room, Underwood admits that she forgot to thank her family. She says, “First, I want to say that I’m a dummy for not mentioning my husband or my children in my acceptance speech.” Additionally, she mentions that it isn’t something she should have done “after this many years.” Underwood goes on to say, “You would think after this many years of seeing other people do speeches and give some of my own, I would think of people that are important to me, so I’m sorry! But I do love my children and my husband.”

Without a doubt, Carrie Underwood is a great mother. She is a busy mother, but she is an excellent mother nonetheless. Excitingly, her son, Isaiah, will appear with his mom in a “very special version” of “Little Drummer Boy.” Fans can expect to hear this rendition on Carrie Underwood’s upcoming (and first) Christmas album, My Gift.

While Thomas Rhett’s acceptance speech shares a similar sentiment to Carrie Underwood’s, he didn’t inadvertently forget to thank his beautiful family. Rhett says, “Oh my goodness, gracious. What is happening right now? Thank you to the Lord, Jesus Christ…” Keeping it short and sweet, he goes on, “Thank you so much to my wife, my baby girls who are watching this right now.”

Last night’s ACM Awards are definitely monumental and were different due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett sharing the title of Entertainer of the Year is shocking, but is Underwood’s acceptance speech more shocking? Stay tuned to Country Music Alley for more Country music news.


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