Luke Bryan Gets Emotional In A Post About Honoring His Niece

Luke Bryan
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Luke Bryan uses Instagram to share a tear-jerking message about Congenital Heart Disease, the Brett Boyer Foundation, and the loss of his niece.

Luke Bryan raises awareness about Congenital Heart Disease, asks fans to “band together, fight together.”

Sadly, Luke Bryan has a close connection to the agony of Congenital Heart Disease. In 2017, Luke’s niece, Sadie Brett Boyer passed away as a result of this terrible disease. Sadie Brett is the of Bo and Ellen Boyer. Bo is Luke’s wife, Caroline’s brother.

The video is emotional and thought-provoking. It’s a series of video clips and photographs in black white. Undeniably, these images give a gut-wrenching inside look into what it’s like to suffer from or love someone suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. Perfectly accompanying the video is fellow Country artist, Jamey Johnson’s “In Color.”

More about The Brett Boyer Foundation

It is important to educate Luke Bryan fan’s on the mission of The Brett Boyer Foundation. The website is a beautiful memorial to baby Sadie Brett. The mission statement for the foundation is multifaceted. Firstly, their mission is to “raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and fund research to advance treatment options.” Additionally, they share that “it is also our mission to spread the love and awareness that Brett filled us with for the wonderful, capable people living with Down Syndrome.” Consequently, the Boyers sweetly pen in the Brett’s Story portion of the website that, “As soon as Brett was born we knew that [Down Syndrome] was nothing to be feared and was quite possibly one of our favorite things about her.”

Facts about Congenital Heart Disease

Sadly, The Brett Boyer Foundation reports that “1 in 100 babies is born each year with CHD”.  Alarmingly, “it is one of the most common birth defects in the United States.” Shockingly, even with such a high statistic, The Brett Boyer Foundation calls attention to the fact that while CHD is “more common than all forms of childhood cancer combined, yet research funding is 10 times less.”

The Mayo Clinic describes congenital heart disease as “one or more problems with the heart’s structure that exist since birth.” Furthermore, while there are some congenital heart defects that “might not cause any problems,” complex defects “can cause life-threatening complications.”

Fans react to an emotional post from Luke Bryan.

Many of the comments on Luke’s Instagram post about The Brett Boyer Foundation and Congenital Heart Disease are those of gratitude. Many fans thank the Country megastar for spreading awareness about CHD. One fan writes, “brought tears to my eyes knowing what your family and so many others have gone through.”

Luke Bryan and his family have gone through a lot of traumatic events throughout the years. However, admirably, the Bryan family uses their public platforms to raise awareness and help others. Come back to Country Music Alley for more news about your favorite Country stars.


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