Blake Shelton Chooses Dan + Shay As Advisors For Season 20 Of ‘The Voice’

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Blake Shelton, Country Music

Blake Shelton will be returning as a coach once again for the twentieth season of The Voice. Blake is the only coach that has appeared on every season of the hit show, and still boasts the highest number of team wins among his peers. Although Blake holds an impressive seven victories; his win during season eighteen was his first win after almost five seasons. And after losing to his now fiancé, Gwen Stefani, last season Blake has decided to bring in some heavy hitters. This season the Battle Advisors for Team Blake will be none other than the super duo Dan + Shay

Even Blake Shelton needs help sometimes

Blake is an amazing solo artist, but he has found that to be a weakness, especially during the Battle Rounds. The Battle Rounds are where members of the teams are paired up to perform songs together. And while each competitor wants to stand out during the performance often the greatest evidence of a true artist is their ability to harmonize. A duet truly becomes memorable when two strong singers work together to create magic.

Blake admitted his ignorance in regards to harmonizing. This is why he is so happy to finally have Dan + Shay as advisors. “Because so many times I’m sitting here in a situation with these battle rehearsals and one of the artists will ask me a question about harmony, and I don’t know crap about harmony.”

Blake joked, “I’ll be like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m gonna check on that for you,’ and then I never do because I don’t know anything about harmony.”

Blake is thrilled to have his friends as mentors this season. He admires the way Dan + Shay come together to create a blended and unique sound. “The way [Dan + Shay] come together and vocalize together and make music, I thought that would be a great mentor to have, these two.”

Coming full circle

Dan + Shay are excited to join The Voice for its tenth year and the twentieth season for many reasons. And one of the biggest reasons is because it feels like completing a circle. When Dan + Shay were beginning their career Blake Shelton was the first big artist they opened for seven years ago. Smyers reminisced, “He took us out on literally our first tour, the Ten Times Crazier Tour, and I don’t even think we had a hit on the radio at that point.”

The country pair have so much admiration for Blake. “He took a chance on us and we became super close out there. Blake, as successful as he is, is the most humble, down-to-earth dude out there and just an incredible person, and incredible role model. We learned so much from him.”

The Voice will return on Monday, March 1. Blake will be joined by his fellow coaches Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. And, Carson Daly will also once again be returning as host.

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