Luke Bryan Defeats Lionel Richie In Epic Golf Cart Race

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The auditions for the current season of American Idol were filmed in late 2020 in California. Covid restrictions have been especially tight and Idol worked hard to follow those guidelines to protect everyone. But the show allowed some outdoor activities to give everyone a chance to let off some steam. One of those activities happened to include golf carts and two very competitive judges. Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are generally friendly toward each other but they held nothing back when it came to racing. The judges tricked out two golf carts and took off like seasoned NASCAR drivers as they both tried to come in first.

Luke Bryan had a tricked out ride

On Sunday’s episode of American Idol fans got to see Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie in a knock-down, drive-out fight to the finish line. Both judges had their own golf carts, customized to represent their personal style. Luke’s cart was decorated with fishing equipment, tackle box and all. While Lionel’s had a 70s vibe celebrating the R&B icon. Richie teased Bryan saying, “I don’t know nothin’ about no hunting and fishing, but I know something about this driving.”

The race started with Luke jumping out a bit ahead of Richie, but the real entertainment came closer to the finish line. The judges appeared to forget they were in golf carts and instead opted for bummer cars. Both Bryan and Richie veered toward each other looking to sideswipe, slow down or push the other off course. Luke even kicks out at Richie’s cart at one point during the race, what he thought that would do fans will never know.

But in the end, Bryan clinched the win with a decent half a cart length lead. Richie was a little down as Luke ran around celebrating his win. “They didn’t tell me that my afro was gonna give me some drag,” Lionel complained. “I had my pedal to the metal, but I could not get the power that I needed.”

But Lionel proved he was a good sport when he smiled and said, “But you know what, I looked good.”

‘American Idol’

The celebrated singing competition returned for its new season on February 14. And is currently airing the audition episodes, which are set to continue into mid-March. The COVID protocols were difficult for the judges to adapt during auditions. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan all love interacting with contestants as they audition, but that was not allowed this year. Luke said that the hardest part was not being able to hug the contestants this season.

After the auditions are complete the judges will have the difficult task of trimming down the contestants. The Top 20 contestants are chosen during the intense “Hollywood week.” After those episodes, the remaining contestants will perform live on the show.

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