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Luke Byran and Maren Morris keep making headlines. Earlier, Country Music Alley reports that the tabloids claim that Luke Bryan is the father of Maren’s 13-month-old-son. While people know this is ridiculous and not true, it does make for some good laughs. Keep reading to find out what Luke Bryan’s response is to this baby daddy drama. 

Luke Bryan has baby daddy drama with Maren Morris

US Magazine has all the details about this baby daddy drama in their recent article. As if the allegations that Luke Bryan fathered Maren Morris’ baby aren’t shocking enough, Luke’s mother is involved in the tabloid drama. His mother calls him after “he was misidentified” and Maren’s husband, Ryan Hurd. 

According to Luke Bryan, the call with his mother went something like this. “So, I’m having coffee, and my mother calls and she goes, ‘I’m sitting here reading some gossip thing… It says you fathered Maren Morris’ child.’ I go, ‘Oh my gosh. I do not need this today.”


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Luckily, the duo is friends

What some people may not know is that Luke Bryan and Maren Morris are friends. The duo co-wrote Luke’s latest single, “Waves.” So, luckily Luke is able to text Maren and let her know what’s going on. According to US Magazine, he jokes, “Buddy, I think we need to talk.” 

Next, he shares, “I am not the father. We can call Maury Povich or however ya’ll want to go about it.” Notably, all involved parties have been good sports about the mix-up. Maren takes to Instagram to share that “the cat’s out of the bag.” While, Ryan Hurd adds, “Damn you @Luke Bryan I demand a paternity test.” 

Everyone is in good spirit about the rumor

Remarkably, this isn’t the only crazy rumor about Luke Bryan to hit tabloids this week. Some speculate that American Idol contestant Wyatt Pike’s abrupt exit from the singing competition is because he got into a “physical fight with Bryan.” At one point, this may have been easy to believe since Luke missed an episode of the show. 

However, Caroline Bryan takes to TikTok to shut down the rumor. She comments, “Trust me, he has covid.” However, that’s not to say that she doesn’t wish it was a fight. “I’m sick of taking care of kids alone and sanitizing. I’m peeing Lysol,” exclaims the country star’s wife.

What do you think about these crazy tabloid rumors? Isn’t it funny how they’re handled? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to County Music Alley for more news about your favorite country music stars. 


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