Morgan Wallen’s Gesture Brings Murder Victim’s Family Some Joy

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Morgan Wallen reached out to a family of an Idaho murder victim and showed them a sign of kindness. The family shared a connection with the country singer and what he did allowed them a moment of happiness for at least one night.

Here is what Wallen did for the family and why it was so important to them.

Morgan Wallen invites family of murder victim to concert

Morgan Wallen performed at a sold-out concert in San Diego and had a special treat for one of his fans. It was more than just a normal fan, though. Morgan invited the family of a young man killed in an off-campus murder at the University of Idaho in November 2022. That young man was a huge Morgan Wallen fan and had sent the song “Thought You Should Know” to his own mother on Mother’s Day earlier that year.

Morgan Wallen / YouTube

Wallen learned about the connection to his song for the family and wanted to do something about it. He invited Ethan Chapin’s mother Stacy, her husband, and the two surviving triplets to his show in San Diego. He also gave them backstage passes to meet him at the show.

Morgan then did something even better. He handed Stacy a donation check to the Ethan’s Smile Foundation. That was created in honor of Ethan and grants scholarships to local students attending the University of Idaho. “It was one of the kindest gestures in my life. I still cannot believe it happened, and it isn’t easy to recognize it all came at a massive cost to our family,” Stacy said.

Morgan Wallen’s song connects the two families

In 2022, off-campus murders shook up the University of Idaho and destroyed one family. Ethan Chapin was a victim o the murders, which left four University of Idaho students dead. Earlier in 2022, Ethan had sent a message to his mom, Stacy Chapin, and included the Morgan Wallen song, “Thought You Should Know,” as part of the message.

Morgan Wallen / YouTube

According to Ethan, the song fit his mother and he said he wanted to share it with her. This was big because Morgan Wallen wrote the song for his own mother, Lesli. After Ethan died, Stacy posted a message that said that the song meant more to her than anyone could ever know and it reminded her of the love her son had for her.

When Morgan invited Stacy and her family to the concert, he had a surprise. His mother Lesli was there too. “It was amazing… It was literally full circle,” Stacy told Fox News Digital. They got to meet Morgan’s mom and took photos and visited with her at the concert. Stacy called the experience “amazing.”

What are your thoughts on Morgan Wallen’s invitation to the family of the Idaho murder victim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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