Tyler Hubbard Talks Possibility Of Florida Georgia Line Reunion

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At one time, Florida Georgia Line was on top of the country music world. They formed in 2010 and released five albums, winning several awards along the way. However, the band broke up in 2022, with only a greatest hits album coming since that time.

While Tyler Hubbard has gone on to have a nice solo career, he has recently discussed the chances for a Florida Georgia Line reunion.

Tyler Hubbard On Florida Georgia Line Reunion

Florida Georgia Line was on top of the world for over a decade. Together, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley released five studio albums, four of them hitting number one on the country music charts and one even hitting the top of the Billboard charts (Anything Goes).

Florida Georgia Line Announces Break [Credit: YouTube]

The only album that didn’t hit the top of the country charts was Life Rolls On, which topped out at third. It was also the only album that didn’t go platinum. To top it off, it was also the last album for the band other than a greatest hits album released in 2022.

In 2022, the Grammy-nominated band (for “Meant to Be” with Bebe Rexha) announced they were “taking a break.” That break turned into a complete breakup and now Tyler Hubbard says they won’t be getting back together again.

“It was a cool season of life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Hubbard said (via PEOPLE). “But I don’t want it back. I’m in a way different place, and I wouldn’t trade it.” While the band never broke up, it sounds like they are officially finished.

Tyler Hubbard Talks Brian Kelley’s “Kiss My Boots” Single

Tyler Hubbard’s career has been great since the split. Hubbard released his self-titled debut in 2023 and it ended up certified gold, topping out at 40th on the Billboard charts. He also had number-one singles in “5 Foot 9” and “Dancin’ in the Country.”

However, it took Brian Kelley a little bit longer and the biggest song he released remains controversial. That song is “Kiss My Boots.” Many people feel it is a diss track aimed at Hubbard. However, Hubbard considers it mostly as a distraction.

In “Kiss My Boots,” Kelley sings “Want the world to know that you did me wrong” and “I don’t know how you act sweet, after how you did me, here’s a middle finger to you through a song.”

He refuses to directly acknowledge the lyrics. Instead, he said, “I’m happy for BK, and I hope he’s happy and that he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. I want only good things for him, and I wish him the best.”

Hubbard’s new album, Strong, hit in April 2024. Kelley releases his new album, “Tennessee Truth,” on May 10, 2024.

Are you disappointed that Florida Georgia Line likely won’t be getting back together? What do you think of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard’s solo careers so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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