Did Blake Shelton Really Cancel $30 Million Project With CMT?

Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean
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Shawn Lealos

The news hit that Blake Shelton canceled a $30 million project with CMT in support of Jason Aldean. The news started spreading through social media channels, but there is one problem with this entire story. It isn’t true.

Here is a look at the Blake Shelton story and how it has fooled an entire section of social media users.

Blake Shelton did not cancel CMT project

The new mega-hit has also split the music world in half. Lee Greenwood and Luke Bryan came out in defense of Aldean. Jason Isbell and Sheryl Crowe came after him for the lyrics.

Jason Aldean / YouTube

However, the biggest news story soaring around Twitter right now indicates that Blake Shelton has canceled a $30 million project with CMT. It said, “Jason is my friend. He deserves better than the disrespect shown to him by CMT.” This is the part that started to spread around Twitter with many people believing it completely.

However, the rest of the article in the Dunning-Kruger Times said the reporter spoke to CMT about it. A representative responded, “losing a $30 million fictional production will either lose us a bunch or save us a bunch. We can’t really figure it out. We went woke, so we’re probably gonna go ahead and go broke.” It was clearly satire.

Heading over to the site’s About Us page, it reads that the entire site is satire. The site said it is meant for “Taters,” which it defines as “fragile, frightened, mostly older caucasian Americans. They believe nearly anything.” The fact the actual article called the Blake Shelton deal a “fictional production” didn’t even clue in the people who shared it.

Music stars split on Jason Aldean controversy

Jason Aldean is not happy that people are “misinterpreting” the lyrics in his song “Try That in a Small Town.”, Aldean claims it is just a song about loving America.

That brought Lee Greenwood, whose biggest claim to fame is “God Bless the USA,” to his defense. He called Aldean a “patriot” and said that the song was a great one that is actually about the “freedom of expression.”

While Blake Shelton didn’t cancel anything with CMT, his close friend Luke Bryan did stand up for Aldean. Bryan and Aldean co-own a steak house and have decided to stop playing CMT in the restaurant.

What are your thoughts on people falling for the fake news article about Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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