Cody Johnson Supports Jason Aldean Amid Backlash

Cody Johnson via Insta
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There are many country stars who are true to the red white and blue and now that one of their own is under fire they are firing back. One of them is Cody Johnson. He is being vocal about how he feels in regards to Jason Aldean getting so much backlash over his hit song “Try That In A Small Town” and its video. Keep reading to find out what Cody had to say about Jason and everything that has been happening over the past week.

What did Cody Johnson have to say about Jason Aldean?

Whiskey Riff shared what Cody Johnson had to say in regard to the Jason Aldean controversy. The song in question was not even written by Aldean although he delivers it well. However, what has opposition going is the video and where it was filmed. The song does stand strong on a few issues including being against gun control and against rioting as well as looting.

The video shows scenes from the news from all over of violence on law enforcement, rioting and looting among other things. Plus, the video was partially filmed at the Maury County courthouse which was the site of a lynching in 1927. Therefore now some have automatically said the song is pro-lynching.

CMT removed the video from its lineup after the fallout and now many are taking a stand in support of Aldean.

As for Cody, he spoke out at a recent concert and said, “I remember a time when Merle Haggard said ‘you running down my country, son, you’re walking on the fighting side of me.’ Yet, we live in a time where everyone gets pissed at Jason Aldean for putting out a song. If you’re videoing this, and Jason Aldean, if you’re watching this, you keep it up, brother. You do you. If being patriotic makes you an outlaw, then by God, I’ll be an outlaw.”

Brantley Gilbert also stood up for Jason

Another artist to be vocal about Jason Aldean is Brantley Gilbert. He spoke at a recent concert in Arkansas and said people don’t get punched in the face enough anymore.

He went on to say that people hide behind keyboards these days. Then, he mentioned he was going to tweet about the situation and realized he didn’t have any of his social media passwords.

Others are also speaking out in support of Aldean including Donald Trump and Travis Tritt.

Brantely Gilbert
Instagram / Brantley Gilbert

What do you think about the situation?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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