Fan Watch In Horror As Carrie Underwood Takes Nasty Fall

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Country superstar Carrie Underwood didn’t let a downpour slow her down. She performed over the weekend at the Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach. Carrie continued to perform amid a major downpour which she shared a photo of on social media. However, it wasn’t her epic performance in the rain that got fans’ attention. At the end of her performance, Carrie was exiting offstage down some stairs where it appears she took a nasty fall. What happened? Keep reading to find out more and see the video.

Carrie Underwood Takes Nasty Fall After Performance

Carrie Underwood carried on through a major downpour in Myrtle Beach. She shared the video on Instagram and captioned it saying, “We won’t let a little rain stop us! We won’t let a massive downpour stop us, either! 🎥: @jeffjohnsonimages @ccmflive #MyrtleBeach #SingingInTheRain”

Fans were praising Carrie and her band for the incredible performance even in the rain. However, what really grabbed everyone’s eye was when Carrie went to leave the stage. As she was toward the back of the stage she began to descend some steps where it appeared she fell or at the very least stumbled a little.

TMZ obtained video of the fall captured by onlookers. They shared the clip on their website as well as on their social media.

Fans were concerned about her and whether or not she was injured from the stumble. She seems to be okay as she also shared another post on social media and said, “Well, last night sure was fun! And though the ending was quite unexpected, it made for a night we’ll never forget! 🌧️💧☔️ Thanks for being awesome, #MyrtleBeach!!!”


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Fans Reacted To The Fall

Fans went to the comment section of the video to share their thoughts about Carrie Underwood’s fall. Below are some of the comments made by concerned fans.

  • “Hope she’s ok 🙏”
  • “This girl can’t catch a break!”
  • “O no wet and 🔥 dem legs 🔥 hope she ok”
  • “She needs to stop wearing heels on stage”

This isn’t the first time Carrie has suffered a fall. In 2017 she fell off her Nashville porch and was pretty badly injured. When she fell she had a broken wrist that required surgery and multiple cuts to her face that needed over 40 stitches.


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She admits she just tripped off of one stair while trying to take the dogs out to potty before bed.

Luckily it seems that while this new fall looked iffy, she is okay and did not sustain the injuries she did in the past.

What do you think about Carrie’s fall?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your country favorites.

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