Craig Morgan Feels ‘Humbled’ At The Opportunity To Re-Enlist In The Army

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n a surprise move, country singer Craig Morgan gets sworn in as a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves after leaving the army after 17 years of service.  Morgan surprised fans while performing at the Grand Ole Opry by getting enlisted.

Craig Morgan being sworn in at Grand Ole Opry.

Craig Morgan Feels ‘Humbled’ To Be Allowed To Re-Enlist In The Army After 17 Years Of Active Service

Fans of the country singer were in for a big surprise. Craig first appeared on the stage wearing his civilian clothing while he performed some of his top hits like “Redneck Yacht Club” and “That’s What I Love About Sunday.” Craig shocked the audience when after a short break, he came back on stage wearing his military uniform. He was then sworn in as a Warrant Officer on stage.

Craig told Billboard while backstage what the significance of being sworn in at the Grand Ole Opry meant to him, “I’ve got a quote on the wall around here somewhere. I said that there have been more people to climb Mount Everest than there are members of the Grand Ole Opry. There’s less than 300 people [who have been Opry members]; it’s very few. So I am humbled beyond words to be part of that group.”

Craig explains further what it means to be re-enlisted at the venue. He said, “And the military has been such a big part of my life for so long — 17 and a half years, and now to go back into the military and work with those folks again. To be able to do [the ceremony] here on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry to marry those two things, it’s historical; it’s special. It’s something that I will always remember.”

After being sworn in, Craig performs an emotional performance of his hit song, “Soldier.”

This ceremony makes Craig the first person to commission at Nashville, the home of country music. Recruitment is low, with many young people choosing not to enlist. With Craig’s enlistment, the U.S. Army hopes this will be a good marketing tool to raise recruitment levels.

Craig Morgan being sworn in after 17 years of service

What This Means For Craig Morgan’s Future As A Country Singer

Now that Craig has been enlisted, he has to attend warrant officer school for six weeks plus a one-weekend per month commitment to the U.S. Army Reserves at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, on top of his music commitments. So, what does this mean for Craig’s music career? Craig is still planning to complete his God, Family, Country Tour tour by the end of October. Craig plans to take his new military commitment as seriously as his music career.

Do you think Craig Morgan’s recent enlistment will encourage more people to enlist, and what impact will it make on his music career? Let us know your thoughts below.

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