Kelly Clarkson Says Choose ‘Diamonds’ Over Violence

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Kelly Clarkson is urging her fans to choose “diamonds” over violence. It has sadly become the norm to throw things at performers on the stage. They have been getting hit with all kinds of objects including cell phones and more. Gone are the days when fans just threw undergarments and lingerie at their favorite artists. So, with Kelly doing a brief residency in Las Vegas, she has a message of exactly what fans can throw at her if they are going to do anything at all. Read on for more details.

Kelly Clarkson Says Choose ‘Diamonds’ Over Violence

Concerts are becoming increasingly dangerous for performers. Tim McGraw is heading out next March for his 2024 Standing Room Only tour. However, he has opted not for extra security and is letting things come as they may. Yet, at the same time, he knows that there are some risks that go along with it. So, he is hoping that he can keep up with whatever happens. As for Kelly Clarkson, she is doing a short stint in Las Vegas as her schedule is jam-packed. She has a move from California to NYC as well as her two children and her highly successful talk show.

Kelly Clarkson-YouTube
Kelly Clarkson-YouTube

Luckily, her residency has gone very well and she is having a great time as are the fans at the show. Kelly Clarkson’s fans are loving everything that she is doing. Yet, to avoid anything being thrown at her or unnecessary violence, she has sent out a message. According to People, a fan got a video of Kelly sharing what she actually wants thrown at her. “Whatever you do, don’t throw it at me, people. If you’re gonna throw s—, throw diamonds,” the singer told the crowd.

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More so, this makes sense as diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Adele has acknowledged how people just think they can hurl whatever they like: “Have you noticed how people are forgetting f—ing show etiquette at the moment. People are throwing s— on stage. Have you seen that? I f—ing dare you — I dare you throw something at me. I’ll f—ing kill you. Stop throwing things at the artist … These people have lost it. Can you imagine?”

A Good Vibe

So far, Kelly Clarkson’s fans are enjoying the vibe at her show and seemingly staying calm. One fan even held up a sign telling her that she was her hall pass. Of course, this was deemed a very sweet gesture. Finally, the crowd went crazy went Kelly slammed her ex in an alphabet-themed song. More so, they have since requested she release it as a single. Hopefully, she will get diamonds by the end of the tour.

What do you think of Clarkson’s message? Furthermore, do you think concert etiquette has gotten out of hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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