Kelly Clarkson Slams Ex-Husband With Alphabet

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Kelly Clarkson is slamming her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock in the most interesting way. She has chosen to utilize the letters of the alphabet. She has used Kellyoke from her popular talk show to let her feelings be known. Now, she is taking it to the next level and publically letting the world know exactly her thoughts and they are ABCDelicious. Read on for more details.

Kelly Clarkson Slams Ex-Husband With Alphabet

It has been roughly a year since Kelly Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock has been finalized. Admittedly, it was not easy for the singer and talk show host. More so, the couple shares two children together who are more aware now of what has happened and they are becoming curious about fading love. Furthermore, Kelly is doing her best to reassure them that she loves them completely but her divorce was a very dark time. She has not hidden the fact that she sought professional help for her sadness. Luckily, she had her highly successful talk show to help occupy her and keep her busy.

Kelly Clarkson-YouTube

As her life is getting ready to change, she is being asked whether or not she will tour again. Kelly Clarkson will be doing a handful of August dates in Las Vegas. However, she is so busy with her life right now that she is not sure she can commit to that life anymore. She is getting ready to move her talk show to NYC from California and start a whole new chapter. Yet, while she is doing so, she is still taking time to heal from her divorce. That means singing out her feelings.

@kellyclarksonclips Love sassy, curse-filled @kellyclarkson 🔥 / vid credit: arroyoknight09 on YouTube #kellyclarkson #abdefu #gayle #ex #breakup #divorce #livemusic #lyric #lyricchange #cover #coversong #tour #tiktokmusic #music #chemistryvegas #fyp #viral ♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

In a TikTok video (warning-explicit lyrics), Kelly Clarkson is singing her heart out, as she is known to do. However, Kelly is slighting her ex, and using the alphabet is a creative way to do so. Fans who saw this version became instantly obsessed with it and had a lot to say. More so, it seemed like it was very cathartic for Clarkson.

Fans Want This Single

After seeing and hearing this version, Kelly Clarkson’s fans immediately chimed in. “I want her to record this version,” one wrote. Another added: “This is why she is highly criticized in Hollywood bc she doesn’t conform and tells it how it is. 👏 😂 Texas girl!!” Finally, one noted: “👏👏👏👏👏👏 YES!!! I hope her version of this song lives rent free in his head FOR EVAHHHHH!”

What did you think of this Kelly Clarkson performance? Moreover, do you appreciate how she slams her ex in a fun way? Let us know in the comments below.

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