During this weekend’s annual Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, Zach Bryan headlined the event with someone surprising. Short History On Zach Bryan Zachary Lane Bryan is a young singer and songwriter from Oklahoma. However, the 27-year-old has most recently been living in Philadelphia. The artist is well-known for his country song “Something in the Orange,”
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Newfound famous singer, Oliver Anthony, is receiving backlash for changing venues and dates on his recent concert, despite his good intentions. Oliver Anthony Fires Against High Ticket Prices Oliver had a recent disagreement with a company after he found out they were charging his tickets much higher than he originally planned. Here is what he
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Country superstar and beloved performer Jelly Roll is facing a family emergency right now that has shattered his family to bits. He is very tight with his wife, Bunnie, and his two children, Bailee and Noah. Sadly, tragedy just struck their happy bubble and it has caused things to shift some. What happened? Read on