Carrie Underwood Called ‘Country Barbie’ In Thigh-High Shorts

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Carrie Underwood fans have coined her “Country Barbie” after getting a look at a stunning collection of photos featuring herself rocking out with Guns N’ Roses while rocking a stylish pair of silver thigh-high shorts that she shared on Instagram.

The collection of breathtaking photos and her thigh-high shorts allowed her to put her muscular legs on display from every angle as she commanded attention on that stage.

Interested in seeing some of the stunning photos of Carrie Underwood? Keep scrolling down to check them out.

Carrie Underwood Called ‘Country Barbie’ In Thigh-High Shorts

The American Idol alum shared seven photos of herself rocking out on stage with Guns N’ Roses. As Hello Magazine reminds fans, the country singer was extremely nervous about making her rockstar debut. Her followers, however, couldn’t tell looking at the seven gorgeous photos she shared on her Instagram profile two days ago.

In the photos, the blonde bombshell rocked a long sleeve faded plaid top. Tied up in the front, the grayscale top gave off the illusion she had a jacket wrapped around her waist. The silver/gray shorts Carrie wore underneath were so short that they practically disappeared underneath her top in most of the photos.


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In the second photo, the country singing sensation turned to face the band and took a bow. It was during that bow that the audience got a clear view of her perfectly toned legs. Unable to leave her country roots at home, Carrie did pair her faded plaid outfit with a pair of white cowgirl boots.

It was in the comments of the post that one of her followers noted she looked like a “Country Barbie” in the outfit she was rocking.

Her Followers React To The Photos

One of Carrie Underwood’s followers admitted they didn’t care for her bowing to the band. They noted that she should “bow to no one but God.”

Another fan thought the caption was slightly offensive. This fan stated that Carrie Underwood was so much more than “just another blonde girl.” And, that she knew exactly how to rock and roll.

Here’s what some of her other followers had to say in response to the photos and her performance:

  • “You were phenomenal! And you really should continue to live out your rock n roll dream and do an album of covers and some originals.”
  • “I love the way he looks at you when your performing.”
  • “So amazing! And those legs are [Fire Emoji]”

Unfortunately, there was some hate in the comments too. Turns out, some Guns N’ Roses fans were not happy about Carrie Underwood being on the stage. One fan noted it was a “real slap in the face.” And, added that Carrie didn’t have any business being on the stage with the band.


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What did you think of the gorgeous outfit Carrie Underwood wore while rocking out with Guns N’ Roses? Do you agree that her legs looked incredible in those short shorts? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on sexy country singers.

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