Lauren Alaina Gets Candid About Eating Disorder

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Lauren Alaina gets personal and shares her battle with an eating disorder. Listening to her story can help others with their own experiences. Being able to relate to someone, could open up more people to share what they are going through. So, how did her disorder begin? How is she doing? To find out more, continue reading.

Lauren Alaina Gets Candid About Eating Disorder

Country singer Lauren Alaina got her start on season ten of American IdolAlthough she ultimately didn’t win and was runner-up against Scotty McCreery, that didn’t stop her from making a name for herself. However, her time on the show wasn’t always good. She was sixteen years old when she appeared on the show. During those teenage years, it can be hard going through life and trying to find your way. The viewers didn’t make it easy for her either. They either love you or try to find everything they dislike about you. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Lauren.

She was constantly criticized about her body and that’s not cool. This led Lauren to struggle with an eating disorder, while on American Idol. So not only was she trying to make it, to the next round each week, competing against the other participants, but she was also up against another battle. Again, that had to be difficult at only sixteen. You never know the silent battles people could be facing. It would be better to not say anything at all, especially to a young person whose just starting to navigate life.

Sharing Her Personal Struggle

Lauren Alaina, who is now twenty-eight is now sharing her experience. In a recent interview with Hannah Brown, host of Better Tomorrow podcast, she stated “I started having problems with an eating disorder in middle school and then in tenth grade, I go on American Idol “. She also said she in her “very awkward, chubby phase”. Further explaining how “biggest criticism” was the girls that picked on her in high school. But then everything changed for her, when she decided on to go on the popular music competition. “I was always confident on the stage, the one thing I wasn’t confident about was my weight probably like my whole life”. Then she clarified by saying, “Well not my whole life, but starting in eighth grade”. During that time she was a cheerleader and had previously played softball. Going on to say, “I was not built the same.”

While on the show “people commented a lot on my weight”. People can be so cruel in this life. Does it get any better? Lauren went on to say, “I suffered with such a severe eating disorder in those years where nothing was connecting, it wasn’t only because I needed to work hard, I lost who I was completely”.

How Is She Doing Now?

Lauren Alaina says she is great and she is currently releasing new music and going on tour. Also going on to say how, she is “happy and healthy”. That is amazing and her story can and will inspire a lot of people. There is a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Having a support system will also help.

Has Lauren’s story inspired you? Did you check out her interview with Hannah Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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