Morgan Wallen Cuts Off His Signature Mullet

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Morgan Wallen has shocked his fans by cutting off his signature mullet. Tonight at his concert, he came out and fans noticed it right away under his hat. Pictures and TikToks started to go up immediately. So far, nobody has posted anything without Morgan’s hat on though. That makes it a bit difficult to see what his new haircut looks like exactly. Regardless, it isn’t long anymore and that mullet is gone.

Morgan’s Famous Mullet

So many people love Morgan Wallen’s famous mullet and even get their hair to grow out just like him. On TikTok, there are always people posting guys who look like Morgan from a distance or teasing that they thought they went home with him from the bar, but it wasn’t him. Morgan has now cut his hair all off though and it doesn’t even look like the same guy.

Morgan recently even showed up at a bar to perform karaoke. With his mullet, everyone knew who it was pretty quickly and started filming him. He may be able to hide out a bit easier now without that hairdo.

Morgan Wallen’s New Hair

Morgan was on stage performing and everyone couldn’t stop talking about his new haircut. His signature mullet is gone and now it looks like he might have even shaved his head. Check it out in the TikTok below. This one just went up so there weren’t any comments yet. Fans were also posting his new hair to Morgan Wallen fan groups on Facebook right away. Fans in one group were talking about how much younger he looked. It was clear that some fans were not happy about the change, though. So many people loved his mullet and have been used to it for so long. It may take a bit of getting used to for people.


New haircut! Whi dis? #morganwallen #morganwallenconcert #onenightatatimetour

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Tonight he is in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio Stadium for his concert. Riley Green and Ernest opened up for him, which makes for a great show. Ernest has been out with Morgan on most of his tour in 2023. They will all be back there tomorrow night for another concert.

What do you think of Morgan Wallen’s new haircut? Do you think he is totally bald? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Also, make sure you comment if you find a picture of Morgan without his hat on so everyone can see exactly how short his hair is now.

Update: Morgan said, “I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off.”

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