Lainey Wilson Lifts Spirits By Serenading Kids At Children’s Hospital

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Lainey Wilson recently made a surprise appearance at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville to lift some spirits by serenading some of the patients. Both the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital took to social media to share photos and videos of the exciting surprise. Lainey Wilson also joined in sharing a photo and thanking both the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for allowing her to be a part of this experience.

Interested in seeing some of the photos and videos from this heartwarming surprise? Keep scrolling down to check them out and learn more about her visit to the hospital.

Lainey Wilson Lifts Spirits By Serenading Kids At Children’s Hospital

“This right here is why I do what I do. The power of music is so real. I’m happy to get to play a small part in bringing joy into these kids’ lives every time I get a chance to stop by.” The singing sensation penned in the caption of an Instagram post about the experience.

In one of the videos making rounds about her visit to the hospital, Lainey admits that her time with the children at the hospital reminded her of what life was really supposed to be about.

It’s about using your gift for the good. It makes me remember what life is truly all about, and I’m so honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to stop by here today. It’s refilled my cup. These things make me want to do better and be better because of these kiddos.

During her visit, she treated the young patients of the hospital to a performance of her hit song titled “Heart Like A Truck.”

For Lainey Wilson, showing up and giving the children a concert wasn’t enough. She also wanted to connect with them. So, she took time to chat with the children and sign autographs as well. The singing sensation even posed for pictures with several of the patients as well.

Her Kindness Both Surprises And Doesn’t Surprise Her Fans

Lainey Wilson’s recent visit to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville didn’t come as a total surprise to those who know her for her recurrent acts of kindness. Furthermore, Lainey made it pretty clear in her social media post that this wouldn’t be her last time visiting the hospital to serenade the children and lift spirits either. She explained the visit did her heart a lot of good.

The reason why so many fans were in awe of this surprise visit is that Lainey Wilson lives a pretty busy lifestyle. Right now, Lainey is on the road with several solo performances as well as a few shows with Hardy and Dylan Marlowe, and Eric Church on the books. And yet she still found time to stop and connect with the young patients at this hospital.


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In the comments of her post, fans praised her and Ryan Seacrest for their kindness toward these children and their families.

Did you know that Lainey Wilson enjoys going to children’s hospitals to serenade children and lift up their spirits? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more country music news.

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