The True Reason Dolly Parton Won’t Tour To Promote New Album

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Dolly Parton fans hoping to see her this year are in for some disappointment. The iconic singer reveals the true reason she won’t tour to promote her new album. Keep reading for all the details.

Dolly Parton Takes Over Monday Night Football

Carrie Underwood might dominate Sunday nights, but Dolly Parton is now throwing her wig on the field to take over Monday nights. She’s partnering with ESPN to feature some of her songs on Monday Night Football throughout this season.

The first song to be featured on the Sept. 25 broadcast was her cover of Bob Seger’s 1976 hit “Night Moves.” Parton’s version of the song features country star Chris Stapleton.

ABC 6 out of Knoxboro, TN, reports that the next song featured is Dolly Parton‘s cover of “Heartbreaker” featuring Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. Viewers will hear that song on Oct. 16 when the Dallas Cowboys play the Los Angeles Chargers.

The outlet reports that the songs will “take viewers in and out of commercial breaks.”

When Does Rockstar Release?

Chris Stapleton, Pat Benatar, and Neil Giraldo are just a few musicians appearing on Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album. Fan response to her 2022 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame spawned the idea of the rock album.

It features some of the biggest names in music, including Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, Ann Wilson, Melissa Etheridge, and more. A cover of 4 Non Blonde’s 1993 hit “What’s Up?” is the latest single from Rockstar.

Even though multiple singles have been released, the full album isn’t out yet. Rockstar has a Nov. 17 release date. Click here to read the full tracklist.

Real Reason Dolly Parton Won’t Tour

Most artists go on a national or worldwide tour after releasing an album. But Dolly Parton isn’t like most artists. She has no plans to promote the album with a tour and possibly even never tour again. But she has the sweetest reason that will only make fans love her more.

She recently visited London, England, for a rescheduled press conference. She was forced to cancel the visit the first time because her husband, Carl Dean, fell ill.

In fact, her husband is the main reason why she won’t tour for this album or at all anymore. “The reason I don’t tour now is because I don’t want to be that far away from home,” Parton said, according to the Evening Standard.

Dolly Parton also shared an update on her husband, saying, “He’s fine now, but you do plan. You make that out of wise choices and I do not plan to tour this album.”

So, there you have it. Dolly Parton doesn’t want to tour because it takes her away from her husband. What do you think of her decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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