Wynonna Judd Takes Sides Against Gwen Stefani

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Wynonna Judd aligns with Reba McEntire, expressing solidarity against Gwen Stefani, as tensions rise on The Voice judging panel. The singer of ‘Rich Girl’ has been part of the series on and off since 2014. Her initial appearance was in Season 7, and she continued to participate in Seasons 9, 12, 17, 19, 22, and 24. Gwen and Blake began their relationship after meeting on the show in 2015. Upon her return in Season 24 following Blake’s departure, Gwen openly acknowledged she was facing challenges. In October, during the blind auditions, she reached out to Blake for assistance via text.

Does Gwen Have Bigger Battles On Her Hands?

The 59-year-old Wynonna is anticipated to reappear on The Voice for another three-way Knockout tonight. In the recent Tuesday Knockout, the country singer, a longtime friend of 68-year-old Reba McEntire, took a jab at 54-year-old Gwen. Wynonna referred to the mother-of-three as a ‘hussy’ while aligning herself with Reba and providing mentorship for her acts. With Reba stepping in for Gwen’s husband, Blake Shelton, on the show, tension has been building among the regular judges. She has a troubled relationship with her drug-abusing mother, April Brockmiller. Body Language Expert Judi James observed that Gwen sported a black and white ensemble at the beginning of the season and showcased checkered nail polish during Tuesday’s show. Judi had a lot to tell about Gwen:

“Gwen had that look similar to a chessboard. Now her position on The Voice is playing out like a game of chess. Her husband quit the show, leaving her exposed, weaker and more vulnerable.


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Body Language Expert Exposes The Voice

According to a body language expert, Gwen Stefani should improve her presence on The Voice to keep her coaching position—the expert is concerned about Gwen Stefani’s stance on The Voice after the arrival of Mega Mentor Wynonna Judd. Judi James analyzes the non-verbal cues of Wynonna Judd and Reba McEntire.James deciphers communication dynamics through subtle gestures, expressions, and postures. James reveals subtle, unspoken elements that reflect Judd and McEntire’s relationship. Her analysis provides a unique perspective on their dynamics during public interactions. In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun:

“This was a two against one scenario. This was an open declaration of war against Gwen. Wynonna likely has an eye on Gwen’s throne. The two women look like they are making plans for this take-over. Gwen needs to watch her back out there in this competition.”

Gwen Stefani faces a streak of misfortune as The Voice judge, with discontent brewing among fans and fellow judges. Calls for her departure echo dissatisfaction with her role on the show. Do you want Gwen fired? Is the body language expert right? Sound off in the comments! We love to hear back from our fans!!

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