Reba McEntire Rescues Small Town In Oklahoma

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The reigning “Queen of Country Music” may soon be thought of as the “Queen of Atoka.” Atoka is a small town in Oklahoma which also happens to be the hometown of Reba McEntire. The singer of “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” answered the call to help Atoka when she opened a restaurant in the once-failing Atoka downtown.

Reba’s Place Puts Atoka On The Map

Atoka is home to about 3,000 people and is about two hours southeast of Oklahoma City, far away from the glitz and glamor of Nashville. This small town was about to disappear completely. There were more buildings downtown that were empty and boarded up than were open. Then, Reba McEntire stepped up and helped this failing community.

In January of this year, Reba McEntire opened Reba’s Place in downtown Atoka. This is McEntire’s first and only restaurant. It is also the biggest source of tourism for the tiny Atoka.

Changes In Atoka Since Since The Reba Rescue

Since Reba McEntire opened Reba’s Place, Atoka is not the same. The once-failing small town is now starting to thrive. Gone are the empty and boarded-up buildings. Businesses have moved into the downtown area.

This has revived the entire town. The over 30,000 people who traveled through Atoka without stopping now have reasons to stop. Not only are they stopping to eat at Reba’s Place, but they are also stopping at the new businesses that are now open. With Reba’s Place being opened, people have driven all the way from Alaska to Oklahoma and have visited from as far away as Germany.


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About Reba’s Place

You won’t find “fancy” food at Reba’s Place. This restaurant serves the southern staples everyone loves. Restaurant patrons can start their meals off with appetizers which include fried green tomatoes and “Nashville Hot Chicken Dip.” Steaks, such as center-cut strips and tomahawk chops, are also offered. Entrees include “Not So Fancy Meatloaf,” chicken fried steak and fried catfish. You can even get a bowl of pinto beans with cornbread. Sandwiches and burgers can also be found on the menu. Desserts include “Southern Banana Pudding Jar” and seasonal cobblers and pies.

It doesn’t stop there. If you happen to know the password, you will be able to go to the secret speakeasy upstairs. There you will be able to order a “Redhead Rita,” an “Atoka Float” or Reba McEntire’s mother’s favorite drink “Who-Hit-Em.”

Just like with country music, Reba McEntire has breathed new life into the little town of Atoka. It has forever been changed for the better. It is all because the Queen of Country Music offered a helping hand in their time of need and rescued her hometown by opening Reba’s Place.

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