Kelly Clarkson Fans Distracted By New Look, Suggest Alterations

Kelly Clarkson-YouTube
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Kelly Clarkson fans are distracted by the talk show host’s new look so they have suggested some alterations for improvement. What exactly has them frustrated as many have been quite complimentary over the performer’s evolving look? Read on for more details.

Kelly Clarkson Fans Distracted By New Look, Suggest Alterations

Since Kelly Clarkson moved to New York City, she has completely revamped herself. First off, she dropped a lot of weight which fans cannot get over. Viewers are constantly commenting on her new figure and how amazing she looks. More so, they are curious as to how she was able to drop the pounds, as well.

Along with her drastic physical shift, Kelly also opted to give herself a new hairstyle while she was at it. She added long, face-framing bangs and they brought her diehard fans back to another decade. It seemed that they were a big hit yet now, not so much. According to The Sun, a snippet of her talk show was shared on Instagram. However, as fun as it was, some fans struggled with one aspect of her look- her bangs.

Kelly Clarkson-YouTube
Kelly Clarkson-YouTube

Fans had this to say about her look:

  • Those bangs are so distracting
  • I prefer you without bangs Kelly!

Then, another started to give styling advice to the singer and host:

  • Blonde your hair more Kelly.

Of course, the chatter soon shifted back to how think Kelly Clarkson had gotten.

  • Kelly you’re looking great and sexy! But don’t over sue it and develop a eating disorder, I’ll pray for ya

However, there were plenty of compliments as to how amazing her style was and how they hoped she would keep it up. Hopefully, she won’t let a few negative critiques derail her from her stunning new look and the positive feedback.

Busy Bee

Kelly Clarkson has been keeping herself extremely busy. Not only has she been working on her talk show and is nominated for a GRAMMY but she has more big business news. She launched her own station on SiriusXM, The Kelly Clarkson Connection. It is not just her music but also that of those she adores and respects. Recently, Kelly offered a free chance to listen to her channel and fans were so grateful to experience that. So, bangs or no bangs, things are looking up.

What do you think of Kelly’s new look? Do you find her bangs distracting or a nice change of pace? Let us know in the comments below.

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