Does Carrie Underwood Actually Play The Guitar?

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Everyone knows that Carrie Underwood can sing, but fans wonder if she can actually play the guitar or if it’s just a prop. Keep reading to learn the truth about the “Before He Cheats” singer’s guitar skills.

Carrie Underwood Extends Las Vegas Residency Again

Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest names in country music today. She’s one of the few who found successful careers after reality TV. Underwood famously won Season 4 of American Idol back in 2005. Yes, nearly twenty years ago!

In December 2021, she took her voice to Vegas with REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency. At the time, she was the first artist to perform at the newly opened Resorts World Theatre.

The residency is still going strong two years later. She announced in September that she was extending the residency through August 2024.

However, it seems Carrie Underwood wants to stay in Vegas a little longer. Earlier this month, she announced new dates for October 2024.

Carrie Underwood isn’t just performing in Vegas. She’s there to have fun, too! Underwood recently took the time to attend long-time friend Miranda Lambert’s Vegas Velvet Rodeo residency at Planet Hollywood.

Lambert and Underwood aren’t the only musicians with residencies in Vegas. Garth Brooks recently added new dates to his Plus One residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Does Carrie Underwood Actually Play The Guitar?

Carrie Underwood is known for her singing voice, but it turns out she’s multi-talented. She kicked off the Sunday Night Football season by playing the drums in the new intro. Underwood rakes in the cash performing the theme song.

After footage of her playing a guitar at one of her shows surfaced, fans took to Reddit to ask if the guitar is nothing more than a prop.

“Does Carrie actually play the guitar (or the piano, for that matter)?” someone asked in a post on the topic in the r/CelebWivesofNashville subreddit.

“I kinda hate to be a skeptic, but I feel like anytime she has an instrument, it’s just for show,” they added.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

The post received almost fifty replies, with many confirming that Underwood does, indeed, play the guitar.

  • I doubt she’s a virtuoso but I’m sure she knows enough to strum/play along.
  • She does but likely is only playing 4 chords. I say this because her job is to sing not play guitar.
  • Yes, she can. Rhythm guitar, that is. Obviously she’s not a Keith or Brad playing lead, but she can play basic chord structures. In recent years on tours she’s strummed an electric, but there’s videos of her early in her career playing rhythm acoustic guitar as well

So, there you have it. Carrie Underwood can do it all!

Did you know that she could play guitar? Share your reaction in the comments.

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