How Jelly Roll Learned To Drink Without Doing Cocaine

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How did superstar Jelly Roll learn how to drink without doing cocaine at the same time? The GRAMMY nominee has changed his ways immensely over the years. Now, he is sharing how he was able to move on from one stage to another. Read on for more details.

How Jelly Roll Learned To Drink Without Doing Cocaine

Prior to Jelly Roll becoming a world-famous country star, he was incarcerated and trying to figure out his next step. Upon being released, he could not even be with his now-teenage daughter, Bailee. However, he worked hard and completely changed his life. He has learned that giving back is what fuels him but more than that, he is an inspiration to those who are locked up. Jelly lets others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and he has shared he is currently embracing therapy.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

Now, Jelly is explaining how he is able to enjoy a drink while avoiding cocaine. According to People, he had previously been to jail 40 times on drug-related charges but that is no longer the case. Things have now shifted in his life, like the way he enjoys even the simplest moments.

“I had to learn that you could drink alcohol without doing cocaine. It took me a long time to learn that. I’ve never said that, but that’s real. There was a long time where I just assumed, when people told me they drank without doing cocaine, I was like, I thought we only drank to do cocaine.”

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

However, he notes he never was a true big drinker. Yet, Jelly admits he does like to have a drink every now and then, it just looks a little different than it used to. He also shared giving back has truly kept him on the straight and narrow. Jelly explained he always hoped that if his life turned out the way it has, he would ensure he helped others. This means speaking to those who need inspiration, feeding the needy, and more.

How He Lives

As of now, Jelly Roll is very open about what his lifestyle is like. As aforementioned, he does drink once in a while. Additionally, he does smoke weed and will go to a meeting sometimes. However, he has never been to rehab but does give AA a lot of credit, especially in his life. He has been working on his health and is there for his family, his wife, Bunnie, and his two children, Bailee, and Noah. It appears Jelly is growing every day but has come leaps and bounds from who he once was.

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