Emotional Jelly Roll Shares Daughter Helped Him Make Charity History

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A very emotional Jelly Roll shared how his teenage daughter helped him make charity history in the best way possible. The country superstar, who is raking in the awards, has the best heart possible. He is all about giving back but how did Bailee work with her dad to give back? Read on for more details.

Emotional Jelly Roll Shares Daughter Helped Him Make Charity History

Jelly Roll is always doing the best things possible for others. After spending time incarcerated, he knows where he came from. Therefore, he spends countless hours talking to and inspiring inmates. He wants them to know that they can have a better life outside of jail. More so, he has set up food for the homeless and will leave special passes for his shows just for those who groom his beloved dog. Most recently, Jelly forgot to pick up the dressing (stuffing) for Thanksgiving. He then offered the restaurant 1K for two trays of their infamous dressing and they came through. Thus, he delivered the cash.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

Now, he is helping children have an amazing holiday and it is all thanks to his teenage daughter, Bailee. Jelly has two kids, Bailee and a son, Noah but it is his daughter who is with him all of the time. According to Music Mayhem, Jelly appeared on This Past Weekend, the podcast of Theo Von. There, he explained that he was doing a Nashville toy drive but it was all Bailee’s brainchild.

“My daughter wanted to do this. She was doing this at nine years old. I look back at it, and when I got out of jail… I came home [in] December 2009. I didn’t have any money for toys. And the halfway house, the Men of Valor, did a toy drive for the guys that just came home.”


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Recalling this story, Jelly immediately teared up as this is very personal for the performer. He further explained that she was given these toys but he was not there to see her open them. At the time, Jelly was not allowed to see his little girl just yet. He added that the fact Bailee wanted to do this toy drive and that he could make it bigger and better is amazing.

Making Miracles

This particular toy drive officially began on November 1st and will end on December 15th, spanning eight Walmart stores. Donations of 25K have been pledged by Coca-Cola and Hasbro while Jelly Roll shared he is also donating  “a couple hundred grand up myself.” This has become the biggest toy drive in the history of Nashville and the campaign has a pledge of 100K toys. It is incredible what Jelly is doing, all because of his daughter and it looks like momentum just keeps building.

Are you excited to see how far this goes by December 15th? Let us know in the comments below.

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