Dolly Parton Fulfills Dying Man’s Wish

Dolly Parton-YouTube
Dolly Parton
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Dolly Parton is continuing to prove that she is a sweet and loving person with her latest gesture. She fulfilled a dying man’s wish and ensured that he had the loveliest holiday. So, what exactly did Ms. Parton do? Read on for more details on this precious moment.

Dolly Parton Fulfills Dying Man’s Wish

The one thing that people always say is that Dolly Parton is an extremely kind person. She gives back immensely and that is something that makes her just an overall amazing human being. Recently, she learned of a man who had cancer and made a bucket list, with the help of his wife. Dolly just happened to be on it but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine she would show up for them. According to People, LeGrand Gold of Utah was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer two years ago. That was what prompted this list and he had wanted to meet Dolly.

Dolly Parton-YouTube
Dolly Parton-YouTube

This miracle happened on Friday, December 22nd when Dolly phoned LeGrand and sang to him. Per LeGrand: “She sang a song, put my name in the song. I feel like I’m immortal now. That was really cool. It made me feel good.” For his wife, Alice, she admitted this seemed like an impossibility. However, now that it has happened, they are on cloud nine. When Dolly phoned in, she referred to her new friend as “LG” and had this to say:

“I’m just happy to know that I’ve got a fan that devoted and that I’ve had a chance to watch that journey all these years. I’m just happy that we got to kind of have our journey together in this lifetime. I always want to make people happy with my music and with the things I do and the things I say and I’m just happy to know that I’ve touched your life in some way. So thank you for honoring me with that.”

For LeGrand, he notes how she has helped him while he has been fighting and Alice thanks her for her book gifting program. It actually aided her own children so Dolly has been a force for their family in many ways.

LeGrand’s Next Moves

Now that he has chatted with Dolly Parton, LeGrand Gold will enjoy time with his family. That is what his doctors have told him to do at this point. Plus, he and Alice will have a “fake wedding” in January, allowing their daughters to dance with their daddy. Dolly did sign off with a line from her iconic “I Will Always Love You” and LeGrand will always love Dolly for her kindness.

What do you think of Dolly doing this for LeGrand? Does it make you appreciate her even more? Let us know in the comments below.

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