Dolly Parton Opens Up About Choosing A Life Without Children

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Dolly Parton chose long ago not to have children. Does she regret her decision? The singer, 77, opens up about her life without kids.

Dolly Parton Shares Her Christmas Tradition

It’s no secret that Dolly Parton does everything big, but it turns out she does Christmas even bigger! She took to her social media earlier this week to promote her new book Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones. The book, released in October, tells parts of Parton’s life story using her famous outfits.

Since it’s the holiday season, the “Hard Candy Christmas” singer shared a glimpse at her Christmas wardrobe tradition. “I’m always in costume at Christmas. If I’m not in a Santa suit, I wear reds and greens,” she wrote alongside snapshots of her Christmas outfits. In one photo, Dolly sports a Christmas sweater and festive earrings.

“My hairdresser Cheryl Riddle even puts Christmas lights in my hair for Cookie Night,” she added. Dolly Parton directed fans to buy her book for more stories and memories from her life.

The Best Advice Sylvester Stallone Ever Gave Her

Dolly Parton recently stunned the internet by performing at an NFL game in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading outfit. Despite looking fit and thin beyond belief at 77, the singer shed light on a time in her life when she was insecure about her weight.

In a wide-ranging interview with Saga magazine, the “9 to 5” singer revealed that at one point in her career, she gained weight. “Any time you don’t look good, you don’t feel as good about yourself,” she said.

She was determined to lose weight and got advice from an unlikely source: film star Sylvester Stallone. The singer/actress extraordinaire starred alongside Stallone in the 1984 flick Rhinestone.

According to Dolly Parton, her co-star gave her advice about her eating habits. “He’d tell me, ‘You’ve got to stop eating white bread and processed stuff,’ and I’d say, ‘But I’m a country girl!'”

Parton added, “I still eat those things, just not as often as I used to.”

Does She Regret Not Having Children?

Dolly Parton has been married to Carl Dean since 1966. She was 20 when she wed. She made the tough decision to put her career above motherhood. Over 50 years later, does she regret her decision?

She is constantly asked such a question but always answers it the same way. Parton previously revealed that she thinks she would have been a great mother, but no, she doesn’t regret her choice.

“When you’re a young couple, you think you’re going to have kids, but it just wasn’t one of those burning things for me. I had my career and my music and I was traveling,” she told the outlet.

In 1995, she created the Imagination Library, which provides free books for children under the age of five. “I always say God didn’t let me have children so that all kids could be mine,” Parton said about the library.

Do you think Dolly Parton made the right decision in choosing her career over having children? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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