Shania Twain Opens Up About Performing In Bars As A Child

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Shania Twain was Drew Barrymore’s first guest on Season 4 of her talk show in October. In a candid interview, the singer opened up about performing at bars as a child. Keep reading to find out how it affected her life as an adult.

Shania Twain Reveals Why She Prefers Las Vegas Residency Over Touring

Drew Barrymore returned to her daytime talk show in October after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Barrymore ruffled feathers during the strike by planning a return to work. However, the ensuing backlash caused her to change her mind. The strike was resolved shortly after the controversy.

Her first guest for Season 4 was the legendary Shania Twain. After finding major success in the 1990s, the singer took a long hiatus in 2004.

After 15 years out of the spotlight, Shania returned to reclaim her place in country music. Her comeback hit a bumpy patch earlier this year with her disastrous performance with the Foo Fighters.

In May, Shania Twain will take her songs to Vegas for the Come on Over residency at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The 24-show stay has dates through December 2024.

The “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” singer dominated the 90s with a tour of the same name. She remains the highest-grossing female country artist for her previous tours.

However, she admitted to Drew Barrymore that she prefers the “consistency” of a Vegas residency over a multi-city tour. Shania revealed that she produces her own shows, and a residency gives her control over the sound, lights, atmosphere, and other aspects.

Shania Twain Opens Up About Performing In Bars As A Child

Drew Barrymore’s tumultuous childhood is well-documented. Perhaps that’s why Shania Twain felt comfortable enough to open up about her own less-than-idea childhood.

When Shania was just 22, her parents died in a car accident, leaving her to care for her younger siblings. However, during her chat with Drew, she revealed that she had been parenting them since she was around 10.

Drew Barrymore discussed her own “anxiety” over being the sole breadwinner for the family at a young age. She asked the singer if that was her experience as well.

According to Shania, she was performing in bars at a young age. She said that she loved performing but was “torn” over the “unnatural” situation.

“I developed a little broken, I think. I mean, if you have drunk people falling all over you and I’m eight — just being put in situations that are very unnatural,” – Shania Twain, The Drew Barrymore Show.

What do you think about Shania Twain performing in bars so young? Can you imagine that happening today? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Drew Barrymore Show returns with new episodes in January.

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