Kelly Clarkson Reveals Big Difference Between Her & Paris Hilton

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If you ask Kelly Clarkson, she couldn’t be more different from Paris Hilton. What’s the biggest difference between the two? Keep reading for all the details.

Paris Hilton Looks Back On The Simple Life 20 Years Later

Some may say 2003 was a simpler time, but for Paris Hilton, it was the year that kicked off her reality star career. She co-starred with Nicole Richie, daughter of esteemed singer Lionel Richie, in a reality show on Fox.

The Simple Life followed the two Hollywood hotshots as they left their cushy lives behind to live as ‘regular’ Americans.

In Season 1, Paris and Nicole moved in with a family in Arkansas for a month, leaving their money, cell phones, and celeb status in L.A.

For Season 2, the two hit the road in a pickup truck and air stream trailer for a cross-country trip.

Paris and Nicole worked at various internships for Season 3. The two had a falling out, and Fox canceled the show. However, the E! network picked it up for Seasons 4 and 5.

One of the most famous interactions on The Simple Life was Paris’s response to the mention of box retailer Walmart.

“What’s Walmart, do they sell like wall stuff?”

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Big Difference Between Her & Paris Hilton

A lot has changed for Paris Hilton in the last twenty years. She just welcomed a second baby via surrogate last month. She previously welcomed a son in January.

Kelly Clarkson also has two children, but the similarities stop there. When Paris Hilton was on her talk show earlier this week, the singer called the Walmart episode her “favorite” in the series.

“I was like oh my God, I grew up in Walmart, we’re so different. I am the people of Walmart,” Kelly said about watching Paris question what a Walmart is.

She added, “You know that thing you see online? Totally me!”

The People Of Walmart blog posts photos submitted by shoppers of other customers wearing odd clothing or looking strange.

Fans React To Comparison

The Kelly Clarkson Show Instagram shared a snippet of the interview between Paris and Kelly. Fans took to the comments with the usual praise of Kelly’s new look, her personality, etc.

But one fan thought something was odd about the exhange. “Why did Kelly feel the need to belittle herself though,” they wrote.

Kelly fans chimed in to dispute the allegation that the singer was belittling herself.

  • I don’t think she did. She’s being real. No shame from where she came from
  • Seems she was just being genuine. That’s how I am, I have no filter
  • she was showing her real ness
  • it’s not belittling to shop at walmart
  • think she was being real. Something that Paris is not able to do. She always has this uppity, I am untouchable attitude.

Anyone who watches the talk show knows that Kelly Clarkson often pokes fun at herself. Do you think she was belittering herself or just making a joke? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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