Family Of Morgan Wallen Jams Out To His Concert

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Family of Morgan Wallen, mom Lesli, dad Tommy and sister Ashlyne can be seen jamming out to his concert. His sister, Ashlyne posted a clip of them with the caption, “We were vibing hard.”

Morgan Wallen’s Family Shows Up

While Morgan does have a lot of fans, none are bigger fans than his family. They recently attended one of the famous singer’s concerts. Morgan’s sister, Ashlyne, documented the evening on the social media platform, TikTok. She posted a clip that featured herself alongside her little sister Lacey, and her parents, Lesli and Tommy. They were singing along to Morgan Wallen’s previous hit, “The Way I Talk.”

They all three sang the song word for word while Lesli danced alongside Ashlyne as she recorded the family enjoying the show.

Several fans were quick to share their love for the video in the comments. One commenter stated, “This is my favorite video in the world, rn.” A second commenter, “the most heartwarming video.” Followed by, “Your dad watching Morgan makes me cry every time!!!”


We were vibing hard

♬ original sound – Ashlyne Elisabeth

Family Proves They Are His Biggest Supporters

In October of 2023, Morgan Wallen performed in Bristol, Tennessee as part of the Country Thunder festival. The area isn’t a far stretch from his hometown Sneedville, Tennessee, so, his parents were there for the show. They were in the crowd and hyped up for his performance. Thus, further proving they are his biggest fans.

A video taken by a fan shows his mother, Lesli, standing side the stage and waving her arms as the crowd chanted “Morgan! Morgan!” She was clapping along with the audience as they awaited Morgan’s arrival on stage. She also captured his father, Tommy, watching the performance. He sat side the stage with his legs crossed as he sang along with his son.

When Did Morgan’s Career Begin?

He began singing in the church at 3-years-old with his sisters and his mom. His mom signed him up for The Voice, in which he appeared on in 2014.

Morgan posted a story on his website, “I don’t know if I ever wrote a song til I was 19 or 20,” he said. “I used to write poems and stuff like that when I was in school… but really, I started singing when I was three years old. My momma threw me up on stage at church where my dad was a preacher at, and I’ve been singing ever since.”

He followed with, “I guess I always knew I’d be singing [and] I always felt a connection to singing [and] I didn’t know if I could write songs or not. I started doing that in my parents’ garage on the workout weight bench,” he added. “I’d write a song then go in while my momma was cookin’ dinner or something and play it for her. I have to give my mom credit, she didn’t always tell me I was good, which I appreciated.”

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