Will Luke Bryan Tour in 2024?

Luke Bryan
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2024 is underway for Luke Bryan. With a brand new year in full swing, his many fans have questions about what the rest of the year has in store for him. Luckily, the One Margarita singer recently let some of his future plans slip. So, what can his fans expect? Read on for more details.

Luke Bryan Is At The Top Of His Game

Luke Bryan is nothing short of a hit-making machine. Over the course of his years in the biz, the country star has made a habit of topping the charts. From 2007 to 2020, Bryan’s first 10 albums produced a whopping 30 number-one hits. When you consider how tough it is to make it in the music industry, that’s quite an achievement.

By all accounts, Luke Bryan has done enough to where he could hang it up and spend the rest of his days living a life of leisure. Luckily for his fans, Bryan remains one of the most hard-working and busiest people in show business today. In fact, he does so much that it’s easy to wonder how he manages to do it all.

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan/YouTube

Luke Bryan Is One Of The Hardest Workers Out There

For an impressive total of 48 shows, Luke Bryan has been holding it down with his Las Vegas Residency. Unlike the rigors of touring and all the travel that comes with it, residencies allow big names to still play the music they love. Yet, they also have the added benefit of being able to stay in one place during the length of said residency.

In addition to that, Luke Bryan is also a judge on American Idol. This is a gig he has held since 2018. When he gets paid $12M a season to be a judge on the iconic show, that is not at all a bad gig to have. Even so, the question of what he will do in 2024 is something that many of his fans are asking.

Luke Bryan - Ethan Payne
Luke Bryan – Ethan Payne/YouTube

Will There Be a Fresh Tour In 2024?

It turns out, Luke Bryan officially wrapped his Las Vegas Residency on Saturday, January 6. Following that successful run, whether or not he will be back out on the road for another tour is something that all Luke Bryan fans want to know. Considering that his time in Sin City spanned two years, it’s no wonder fans are itching for a proper tour.

According to Bryan, when asked what the rest of 2024 would look like for him, and, more specifically, whether or not there are plans to tour, the artist said that his next headliner is “definitely” in the cards.

No doubt, he may want to take some time off so soon after wrapping up his shows in Las Vegas. But, it may not be long at all before he is back out on the road once again.

Would you like to see Luke on tour again? More so, where are you hoping to see him and what songs would you love to hear? Let us know in the comments and for even more country music news, come back often to Country Music Alley.

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