Bunnie XO Announces No-Holds-Barred Tell-All Book

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Bunnie XO, the beloved wife of Jelly Roll, has announced a no-holds-barred tell-all book about her rollercoaster life. Admittedly, she has never held anything back and has always been transparent. Yet, now she is letting it all hang out with her very own book. Read on for more details.

Bunnie XO Announces No-Holds-Barred Tell-All Book

Both Bunnie Xo and her husband, Jelly Roll have lived very colorful lives. She oftentimes talks about it on her Dumb Blonde podcast or in her many TikTok videos. Bunnie, real name Alyssa, lived in Las Vegas and was involved in a lot of scandalous activities. When she met Jelly aka Jason DeFord, she had a boyfriend but could not deny that they had something between them. When she was single, she returned and they have been together ever since. Together, they have traveled, toured, and are raising Jelly’s teenage daughter, Bailee. They have created an amazing life they only dreamt of.

Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO-YouTube
Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO-YouTube

Now, according to Music Mayhem, Bunnie is releasing her own book, detailing all of the events of her life. She has a great fanbase who love to hear her wild and exciting stories. They also appreciate her chill stories of being at home with her family. So, why did she decide to write a book now?

“The idea for the book came about because I want every person who doesn’t think they can break free from where they’re at in life to know they can. Also, no one knows my life story except for what I reveal on the podcast, and I’m asked daily where people can find out more about my life story.”

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

This book is leaving nothing behind. Bunnie left high school, became an escort, found immense success, and she has managed to become an icon for women. The blonde bombshell shares: “Every single stone won’t be left unturned. It’s my time to let y’all know my real and whole story.” Despite all of the tumult, there would be no complete story without her fairy tale and that is her love life with Jelly.

A Full Circle Moment

Meeting and marrying Jelly Roll is where the book will highlight how happiness is achievable in all aspects of Bunnie XO’s life. “That’s my happy ending, of course I will,” she said of talking about her love story with her soul mate. She also will include their exact meeting and raising his children, Bailee and Noah. As for when fans can expect the book, Bunnie starts writing in March of this year. She has no titles but has her thinking cap on for something dynamic.

Are you looking forward to Bunnie’s book? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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