Jelly Roll Shares Why It’s Time To Reveal Son

Jelly Roll-YouTube
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Jelly Roll is finally sharing why it was the right time to reveal his young son to the world. He has never held anything back or kept things private from his fans or followers. JR is a proud husband, father, and former inmate. Yet, very little was known about his son, Noah. Now, he is opening up about him and sharing this sweet young man with everyone. Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Shares Why It’s Time To Reveal Son

It is no secret that Jelly Roll is an open book. He has been to prison, his wife, Bunnie has an interesting background, he reformed his life, and now, he wants to do right by everyone. This includes raising his two children, Bailee and Noah the best way that he knows how to. However, fans really have only known about his daughter, Bailee. They have not been exposed or truly introduced to his son, Noah. That all changed thanks to Bunnie who made it all happen.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

According to Music Mayhem, Bunnie made sure to get approval from Jelly Roll’s son, Noah’s custodial parent prior to doing anything. Once she did, she brought him on her social media and the world was able to see what a little darling he was. So, what took so long for all of this to happen and for the world to meet sweet Noah, 6? Per an interview with Evan Paul from Taste of a Country Nights: “Well, you know, what’s funny is that was more on Bunnie and his mother,” JR started.

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He went on to say: “So, uh, they spoke about it, and he was on vacation, he always goes on vacation with us, and we just always try to shoot around him… and this year, my wife was like, ‘I’m just gonna hit her up and tell her I wanna post,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, totally cool.’” So, essentially, it was a very simple way for the world to see what a lovely little love Noah is. Yet, there was a little more to keeping Noah hidden.


One thing that Jelly Roll does talk about is that he respects Noah’s mother. Things are different with Noah and Bailee in the sense that he is Bailee’s full-time parent. Therefore, he makes all of the decision. Yet, with Noah, he knows that there is someone else to consider so he wanted to be mindul of what she wanted for their son. Now that he is out there, though, no doubt that fans will demand more Noah.

Are you excited to finally get to see more of Jelly Roll’s sweet family? Let us know in the comments below.

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