Morgan Wallen Pulls A Taylor Swift To Protect His Old Music

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Taylor Swift took control of her music when Scooter Braun bought her old catalog. She re-recorded all her albums so she could re-release them and attempt to keep control of her music while taking control away from Braun. Now, Morgan Wallen is doing the same thing for a different reason.

Here is what Morgan Wallen is doing and why.

Morgan Wallen re-recording old song to combat new album

Long before Morgan Wallen was a world-acclaimed country music star, he signed deals that he now regrets. He said that when he wanted a music deal, he ended up getting that chance but was asked to sign contracts without legal representation. Wallen was a teenager when he signed these deals and he just got a dose of reality.

Morgan Wallen / YouTube

The people he signed with announced they are releasing his debut EP Stand Alone and plan to include the eight unreleased tracks that didn’t make that album. This has Wallen frantic because he said that those songs are not up to the quality of his career now and they don’t represent the direction his music is going now.

As a result, Wallen is setting out to try to combat the release of the 10th anniversary of Stand Alone, which will include those eight unreleased tracks. When the new album – which Wallen did not authorize – hits, there will be a new re-recorded version of “Spin You Around” released as well.

Wallen took a break from duck hunting season to head to the studio to re-record that song so he could release it at the same time as the unauthorized album. Morgan said that when he hears those unreleased songs, he “cringes.” However, outside of the re-recorded “Spin You Around,” Morgan has no plans to work on new music until at least the end of February.

This is just like Taylor Swift’s actions against Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift did the same thing – but in a much bigger way. When Scooter Braun bought and sold her master recordings from Big Machine Records in 2020, Taylor went in and recorded all her albums in new versions. Each of them even included a ton of bonus tracks.


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Taylor let her fans know that she re-recorded the albums and if they wanted to support her to buy those. This was her way to make sure Scooter made no money off her career. For Morgan, it is a little different because he just doesn’t want fans to buy into the unauthorized album of old music he is not proud of.

Morgan Wallen is also looking out for other young artists. He said, “It’s gross, greedy & an example of how the dark side of the music business can suck the soul out of artists.” He pledged $100,000 from his foundation to the Volunteer Lawyers and Professionals for the Arts (VLPA) program.

What are your thoughts on Morgan Wallen re-recording “Spin You Around.” Do you think it will stop people from supporting the unauthorized album, or will it sell well anyway? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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