Elle King Books New Gig After Drunken Performance

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Elle King earned the wrath of country music fans after a drunken performance disrespected Dolly Parton. Despite her behavior, the singer has booked a new gig with a legendary singer. Keep reading for all the details.

Elle King & Alcohol Don’t Mix

Many people are surprised to find out that country singer Elle King is the daughter of former SNL comic Rob Schneider. But her famous ties didn’t keep her out of hot water after a recent performance at a Dolly Parton tribute.

The Grand Ole Opry hosted the Opry Goes Dolly celebration in honor of Dolly Parton’s 78th birthday. Lauren Alaina was supposed to perform but had to cancel at the last minute. It’s a safe bet that Elle King wishes she had canceled and never taken the stage in her condition.

The “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” singer took the stage and continuously messed up the Dolly Parton song she was supposed to sing. She admitted to the crowd that she was inebriated. “Hi, my name is Elle King and I’m f—ing hammered,” she said at one point during her performance.

This wasn’t the first performance where viewers thought Elle King was under the influence. She hosted the New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville Big Bash on December 31, 2023. Many viewers took to social media to speculate that she was drunk.

Elle King Books New Gig After Drunken Performance

Elle King postponed a handful of concert dates amid backlash regarding her behavior. The Grand Ole Opry apologized for the performance. Elle King has yet to issue an apology or any statement about what happened.

However, she’s returning to the road in just a few weeks. According to her website, her next concert date is March 1st at the Extra Innings Festival in Arizona. She has more dates through October.

Despite her behavior, Elle King just got booked for a new gig outside of her previously scheduled tour. She’s slated to appear at the first annual In The Pines music event on June 1st.

The event is in Bristol, which is on the Tennessee/Virginia border. Paul Cauthen, Wyatt Flores, and the legendary Dwight Yoakam will also take the stage at the event.

Country Music Fans Still Trashing Her

Elle King’s last Instagram post was on January 15. Despite her silence, enraged country music fans continue to trash her in the comments on any post they can find on her page. Check out some of the things people are saying:

  • She owe Dolly and everyone at that show an apology and a refund!!
  • How dare disrespect Dolly, Grand Ole Opry, and everyone in attendance of that concert? Seriously how?
  • So I see that the Opry has issued an apology, but nothing from you.
  • Embarrassing recent actions. Dolly would be so ashamed

Are you surprised the In The Pines event would book the singer amid her recent behavior? Sound off in the comments.

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