Fans Lose It Over Tracy Chapman’s Chic Grammy Style

Tracy Chapman
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Tracy Chapman is on everyone’s minds after her jaw-dropping duet with Luke Combs at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. With all the chatter, though, people are talking about more than just her singing chops. Plenty of music fans can’t get over Chapman’s sleek award show attire, and for good reason.

Worlds Collided With Epic Tracy Chapman And Luke Combs Performance

The internet is still buzzing a day after Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman took the stage at the Grammys in Los Angeles to deliver an unforgettable duet. Worlds and generations collided when Chapman and Combs belted the hit song Fast Car, originally written and released by Chapman all the way back in 1988.

However, thanks to Luke Combs putting his country spin on the track in 2023, he exposed an entirely new audience to Tracy Chapman’s greatness as a songwriter. Now, more than 30 years after its release, Tracy Chapman is getting her flowers from an entirely new audience, as well as those earlier generations that she inspired along the way.

Tracy Chapman-YouTube
Tracy Chapman-YouTube

Fans Lose It Over Tracy Chapman’s Grammy Style

Decades ago, Chapman announced herself on the scene in a big way. She has always had a unique sense of style, rocking dreadlocks, which now come with salt and pepper streaks that only time, wisdom, and experience allow.

However, her many fans are going crazy over her for a completely different reason. More specifically, the shirt she wore to perform at music’s biggest night.

Not only did Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman nail their big moment, but, they both looked great doing it. Tracy Chapman hasn’t lived as much of a public life in recent years. So, the more people have been talking about her, including her on-the-money style choice for the evening.

Luke Combs - Tracy Chapman youtube1
Luke Combs – Tracy Chapman/YouTube

Tracy Chapman’s Grammy Look Turned Heads

For all the viewers who thought Chapman’s Grammy attire was popping, there’s a reason for that. She wasn’t in an off-the-rack button-down for the special evening. Tracy Chapman wore a custom cotton poplin shirt from Prada, complete with beaded embroidery.

For reference, a non-custom version of a similar button-down shirt from Prada costs a cool $1,050. The fact that what Chapman wore was further customized means the price tag would be even higher. Continuing with the Prada theme, the singer/songwriter also wore a pair of brushed leather Chelsea boots.

Along with delivering an epic duet that viewers won’t soon forget, Chapman looked stylish doing it. Before this latest Grammy performance with Combs, the last time Tracy Chapman performed live was on Late Night with Seth Myers in 2020. So, this was a big moment in more ways than one for all of Chapman’s fans.

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