What’s Tracy Chapman Up To Pre-Grammy Surprise?

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What has Tracy Chapman been up to prior to her Grammy Awards surprise appearance? Fans seemingly have not heard from the artist in a few decades so has she been hiding out? Or, has she just kept a low profile? Read on to see where Tracy has been.

What’s Tracy Chapman Up To Pre-Grammy Surprise?

When Luke Combs was talking about how much he loved “Fast Car,” he was gushing. This song won Tracy Chapman a Grammy back in 1989 and garnered Combs a 2024 nomination, as well. As he was preparing to take the stage to sing his cover, it just would not have been right if he had done it alone. As the music began, it was clear that it wasn’t his hand strumming the guitar and Tracy had entered the chat. The audience was over the moon as she is an icon in the music industry, not just with “Fast Car.” Her hit, “Give Me One Reason” dominated nineties radio and also won her a Grammy.

Tracy Chapman-YouTube
Tracy Chapman-YouTube

Yet, she soon seemed to vanish from the world with one album, Our Bright Future, out in 2010. So, where has Tracy been? According to People, her last public appearance was around four years ago. Though she has praised Luke Combs’ take on “Fast Car,” that is as public as Tracy has chosen to be. Now, she has always been very private about her personal life, including her sexuality. In 2015, Chapman said this:

“Being in the public eye and under the glare of the spotlight was, and it still is, to some extent, uncomfortable for me, but there are some ways by which everything that has happened in my life has prepared me for this career. But I am bit shy.”

Over the years, Tracy has made appearances here and there for events hosted by Oprah, the Kennedy Center Honors, and the Sundance Film Festival. Finally, in 2020, she was last publically seen encouraging all to get out and vote for a bit on Seth Meyers. So, clearly, when something matters to her, she will show up and fans will appreciate it.

The Big Moment

There were a lot of surprises for the Grammy Awards and Tracy Chapman was one of them. When she came out, strumming her guitar, the crowd went wild. At home, music lovers were just as excited and immediately expressed their happiness:

It seems like she was gone but definitely missed and not forgotten. Are you happy that Tracy reemerged and do you hope to hear more from her? Let us know in the comments below.

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