Jelly Roll Not Bitter Over Grammy Loss, Ready For 2025

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Even though he lost the two Grammy categories he was nominated in, Jelly Roll is sharing that he is not bitter whatsoever. Furthermore, the artist is sharing that he is more than ready for what is to come in 2025 when it comes to the award show. What did Jelly have to say after his loss? Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Not Bitter Over Grammy Loss, Ready For 2025

The 2024 Grammy Awards was a first for Jelly Roll. He was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Unfortunately, he did not get any gold but he did have an amazing weekend with his wife, Bunnie XO. Plus, the superstar was able to celebrate with the best of the best in the business. Of course, those who love Jelly were brokenhearted over his loss, especially for Best New Artist. This went to Victoria Monét instead.

Victoria Monet-YouTube
Victoria Monet-YouTube

It was clear that his fans believed that he should have won but alas, he did not. However, Jelly shared that he was not mad about Victoria taking home the gold. In fact, he sent out a message showing that he was proud of her and knew she deserved it. More than that, he let his followers know that he would be back and better than ever in 2025.

Jelly Roll-Twitter
Jelly Roll-Twitter

Jelly has already noted that 2024 is the year for a lot of music coming from him. Yet, by his sending out this message, it was very special for his fans. It just enhanced how incredible of a person he truly is:

  • Impossible not to root for you. Class act always.
  • Your time will come!
  • It looked like u we’re just blessed to be there congratulations tho
  • Posts like this is what puts you in a class of your own!!!
  • can’t no trophy measure up to what your music has done for people.

The Best Night

Regardless of the fact that he walked away empty-handed, Jelly Roll left with so many memories. He hung out with Taylor Swift, who Bunnie XO mentioned is his crush. Plus, he got to watch amazing performances while singing and dancing all night. He appeared to be nothing but grateful for where he was and that is truly all that matters. It will be amazing to see what happens in the year to come.

Do you think he was robbed or did Jelly give a good justification in his tweet? Are there a plethora of Grammys in his future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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