Reba McEntire’s Unique Super Bowl Practice Technique

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Reba McEntire is preparing to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11th, 2024. Though many are watching for different reasons, some are there for the music. Reba has been tasked with singing the National Anthem which can grip viewers’ heartstrings. So, how is the superstar getting her iconic voice ready for the big day? Read on for more details about Reba’s unique practice technique.

Reba McEntire’s Unique Super Bowl Practice Technique

Singing is just an innate thing for someone like Reba McEntire. She gets up on that stage and blows the roof off, leaving everyone mesmerized. Recently, she has taken on a new job as a coach on The Voice. When country superstar, Blake Shelton left after twenty-three seasons, who better to take over than Reba? She will be returning for her second season and her presence is perfection. For someone with such a long career, she is just a down-to-earth, fun, and relatable woman. More so, she has had her hand in so many pots including acting and writing.

Reba McEntire-YouTube

Now, Reba will be singing the National Anthem for the upcoming Super Bowl. This game is interesting because it is not just the biggest football game of the year but there is so much star power. Taylor Swift is dating the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. Therefore, so many questions are surrounding whether or not she will attend. Then, there is the halftime show featuring Usher. However, it is Reba kicking it off but how is she practicing and preparing herself? According to People, Reba McEntire has been using the shower to perfect her singing technique.


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She shared this information with Apple Music: “I’ve been singing the National Anthem in the shower [and] when we get in the car.” Luckily, her boyfriend, Rex Linn loves football so she has the built-in support. More so, Rex has been extremely encouraging: “He’ll say, ‘OK, sing it one more time.’ I said, ‘I think I know the words real good right now, so I’m alright.’”

Big Sing-Along

At the end of the day, Reba McEntire does hope that the National Anthem will become a big sing-along. That does help with any of her nerves. “If I know they’re singing along, and they’re remembering and having fun too, that’s easier on me, but just to be prepared when you walk out there.” However, she has been singing this treasured song since she was a teen so that does ease some pressure. Of course, there is something magical about getting to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in front of so many people:

“I get to sing a very special song for all Americans, people all around the world, who have really worked so hard for our freedom and to give us peace. It’s not about me — I’m the representation of this song, and I’m just honored to get to sing it. It’s a good one. I’ve been doing it for 50 years, and I’m really proud to get to sing it.”

Are you looking forward to singing along with Reba? Let us know and catch the Super Bowl Sunday, February 11th on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.

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