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Fresh off of her performance at the Super Bowl, Gwen Stefani recently scored another major win. Stefani’s name draws huge crowds, and a major brand took notice. So what’s the latest for the Sweet Escape singer?

Gwen Stefani Has A Lot Of Good Things Going On

Gwen Stefani just performed at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas for the fourth annual TikTok Tailgate pregame show. Blake Shelton joined his wife to perform their brand-new single, Purple Irises at the big event. The pair officially dropped their new duet a few days ago, and already it has hundreds of thousands of views on platforms like YouTube and more.

Gwen Stefani recently opened up about the inspiration for Purple Irises and how it came to be. It was originally supposed to be a solo song for Gwen. She got her husband, Blake Shelton, to sing on it in the studio, and it eventually evolved into the song it is now.

This husband and wife duo has a habit of writing number one songs together, and it looks like Purple Irises will surely continue that tradition for them.

Gwen Stefani-YouTube
Gwen Stefani-YouTube

No Doubt Singer Partners With Another Major Brand

Gwen Stefani is no stranger to partnering with big brands. She is a household name that draws audiences. It’s a no-brainer for brands to want to hitch their wagon to her, or make her the face in some capacity. Based on the latest updates, Gwen Stefani is officially the godmother of Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Carnival Jubilee.

A naming ceremony will take place later in February in Texas to make it official. Gwen Stefani said that she is “honored” to be given the new title, as she loves what Carnival does to support children’s causes, military families, and veterans.

It’s a longstanding tradition for royalty and/or celebrities to be named the godmother of a ship. They are usually present at the ship launch and naming ceremony.


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Will Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Be Heading Out On A Carnival Cruise?

With the success of their latest single, Purple Irises, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton deserve some time to put their feet up and enjoy everything that they have accomplished. Blake Shelton has a big tour coming up, but, if they ever decide to book a cruise on the same ship that Stefani is now a godmother of, it comes with some pretty cool perks.


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Carnival Jubilee can accommodate 6500 passengers. It’s the third ship in Carnival’s Excel class, and has been in service since December 2023. Some of the ship’s features include a rollercoaster and waterslides, in addition to various dining and drinking options.

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