Bunnie XO Shares Hate Received Behind New Tell-All

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Bunnie XO is opening up about all of the hate that she has received since announcing her new tell-all book. The wife of superstar Jelly Roll did not have the easiest road to success. Now, some people are trying to stifle her but what exactly is happening? Read on for more details.

Bunnie XO Shares Hate Received Behind New Tell-All

Before meeting Jelly Roll and going on this unimaginable whirlwind ride, Bunnie Xo traveled an interesting road. She lived an insane life in Las Vegas, was an escort, drank in excess, and had some moments she would rather forget. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect time for her to write a tell-all book to share all of her experiences. She wanted to let people know the ins and outs that she has not always discussed. At the same time, it is vital for Bunnie to inspire that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

Unfortunately, some who have heard about her book are not that thrilled. They are either denying experiences that she has had such as the abuse she went through. Or, some are so desperate to be written differently than they actually are. Bunnie went on to explain she does not want to paint anyone in a bad light or make them look bad. Rather, it is to talk about all that she went through and the horrid things she did when she was not the greatest person. Then, how it all turned around and how Bunnie evolved into the good person she is today.

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She reiterates that this is her book and nobody else’s. More so, she wants to write this for those who were demeaned and did not feel they would become anything. So, it looks like what others have been doing to sway Bunnie another way is backfiring. The book will be coming out in 2025 and Bunnie promises a book tour while seeming so ready for what is to come upon its release. So, are her followers ready for this story?

Followers Go Wild For Bunnie

After Bunnie XO dropped this video about people trying to sabotage her book, her followers immediately chimed in with their thoughts.

  • No one gets to rewrite YOUR story❣️
  • Bunnie DeFord New York Times best seller I’m calling it now 👏 👏
  • Can’t wait to read your story. You are One Hell Of A WOMAN. Love seeing you on Top
  • just because they stepped on your path for a moment doesn’t mean they know your journey ✌❤🙏

Followers felt that it was vital for her to keep going on and tell her story no matter what others had to say. Are you excited for the book to come out? More so, will you be reading it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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