Jelly Roll’s Surprising Inspiration To Drop 250 Pounds

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Jelly Roll is as big as any country star today. He also has a big personality to match his look. He recently talked about his desire to drop weight, including the thing that inspired him to begin this journey. So, what did he have to say about it?

Jelly Roll Is One Of The Biggest Names On The Planet

Jelly Roll has the kind of appeal as an artist that many can only dream of. He’s a big hit with the country crowd. He also has the kind of genre overlap appeal to bring in hip-hop, rock, and even pop fans. In the same vein as Chris Stapleton, Jelly Roll is not pigeonholed or boxed into being just one thing.

Along with his music, his listeners love his authenticity. He comes across as someone you could approach on the street. With as much success as he enjoys now, he remains grateful and humble for everything he has, and how far he has come. That resonates with his fans as much as his music does, if not more.

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Jelly Roll Cleaned House In 2023

2023 was a breakout year for Jelly Roll in more ways than one. His crossover musical style is resonating with fans from all over. His name has been everywhere, and he has performed alongside some of the biggest names in all of music. If the recognition alone were not enough, he also got the hardware to prove it.

Jelly Roll walked away with one of the highest honors you can receive in the industry. He won the 2o23 CMA for New Artist of the Year. He also won for Breakthrough Male Video of the Year for Son of a Sinner. He even scored the win for Male Video of the Year and the Digital-First Performance of the Year.

We often hear of artists making the jump to country from genres like rock. For Jelly Roll, going from rap to country has worked out even better than anyone could have imagined, and the awards and recognition speak for themselves.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll/YouTube

Country Star’s Next Goal Is To Lose Weight

Jelly Roll’s star is only going to get bigger after his breakout year in 2023. He doesn’t want his waistline to get any bigger, though. In fact, he has the lofty goal to lose 250 pounds. That’s quite the undertaking for anyone, but especially someone like Jelly Roll who is used to being a bigger guy.

To do this, the singer is bringing in the big guns. He hired UFC President Dana White’s “biohacker” personal trainer Gary Breka to help him get in gear and live a healthier lifestyle.

The singer is also putting his money where his mouth is as he trains for a 5k. He said: “As long as I’m training for this thing, I’m just shedding weight. I’ve been eating crazy good, so I’m excited.”

Jelly Roll has a starting weight of 494. The goal is to lose 250 pounds in the next “12 to 14 months,” according to Breka. That’s a big goal, but Jelly Roll has the right man for the job in his corner. He also has the right mindset to live healthier and be there for his loved ones. By 2025, he could very easily be half the man he is now.

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