Darius Rucker Releasing New Book After Legal Trouble

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Country star and Hootie & the Blowfish singer Darius Rucker is set to release a brand new book. The timing is interesting, as he recently faced legal trouble in Tennessee. What do we know so far about this book?

Darius Rucker Puts His Life On The Page

Darius Rucker has lived a colorful life, with many different chapters. He first came onto the scene with the formation of Hootie & the Blowfish in 1986. The band was a big hit on college campuses in South Carolina. They gained national attention in the 90s after coming up through the ranks.

To this day, the band’s most successful album is Cracked Rear View. The album is Double Diamond-Certified. It included some of the band’s biggest hits, like Let Her Cry, Hold My Hand, and arguably their most recognizable track, Only Wanna Be With You.

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Rucker Got A Second Wind As A Country Star

It’s hard enough to have one successful music career in the music industry. Darius Rucker has been lucky enough to have two. He could very easily have rested on his laurels and been content to play throwback-style tours with other popular 90s bands. Darius Rucker had something else in mind instead.

He launched a second successful career as a country artist. Not everyone’s career gets a second act. It’s all too common for artists in big bands to fade into the background once their band is beyond its heyday. Luckily for Rucker, he didn’t go the way that so many others in the industry do.

He has won several Grammys and even has a string of hits to his name as a country singer. Rucker reinvented himself, and that gamble has been paying off big time for him.

Darius Rucker
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Darius Rucker Set To Release Memoir Following Legal Woes

Rucker will release a memoir called Life’s Too Short. It will detail his rise in the music industry, as well as tell his story through the songs that inspired him. From playing dive bars to sold-out stadiums, Rucker has come a long way on his journey.

Rucker also goes into detail about life on the road, as well as the demons he has struggled with. This memoir comes at a good time.

Darius Rucker was arrested earlier in February and charged with two counts of simple possession/casual exchange of a controlled substance. According to CNN, authorities found 14 purple pills in a jar, as well as a THC pen. Before conducting a pat-down, Rucker also handed over a blunt. After lab testing, the pills turned out to be Psylocin, a Schedule I controlled substance.


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Authorities released the singer on a $10,500 bond. From a publicity standpoint, this is a great time to release a book to capitalize on those headlines.

Life’s Too Short will hit the shelves on May 28.

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