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Maren Morris has fully crossed over into the pop realm with her music. Recently, she took that one step further with her latest cover of an 80s classic. So, what did she end up doing this time around?

Maren Morris Much More Than A Country Artist

Maren Morris may have gotten her start in country music, but, these days, she has branched out into numerous other music spaces. She has crossed over to the realm of pop and EDM, including the release of her track with Diplo a few months ago called 42.

There are listeners who would prefer for her to go back to her country roots. On the other side of that coin, other listeners encourage the kind of exploration she has been doing since stepping into the pop realm. Her track with Diplo has over 66k views since dropping two months ago, so, there is definitely an audience for her new sound.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd/Credit: Bobby Bones Show YouTube
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd/Credit: Bobby Bones Show YouTube

Morris Pushes The Envelope With Cover Of 80s Classic

Maren Morris is not one to stay stagnant. She recently upped the ante with her latest release, a cover of Dancing With Myself, originally made famous by Billy Idol in 1981.

Maren Morris rocks a pair of shades and a leather trench coat in the music video for her cover, and certainly channels the likes of Lana Del Rey with her vocal delivery.

It’s also something that Maren Morris fans might not expect her to take on. It has that element of surprise. Dropping on YouTube just a day ago, the music video already has almost 450k views. Maren Morris’s take on this classic tune is resonating with listeners.

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Maren Morris Embracing Herself After Split From Ex

Morris’s divorce from Ryan Hurd was finalized not too long ago. So, this idea of dancing with yourself rings true for Morris in more ways than one. The singer is truly embracing her “independence” with this release. It’s also perfectly fitting for where she is in her life right now.

Morris said of choosing to cover this Billy Idol song: “It also captures where I am at right now; a little blue but a lot relieved. Dancing through my feelings and shaking off the expired layers that no longer strengthen me.”

Morris’s divorce from Ryan Hurd was officially finalized back in January, so, this new reality is certainly still fresh for her.

The music video for her cover takes place at Nashville’s iconic record store, Grimey’s Records, drawing inspiration from the 2000 film, High Fidelity. Speaking of the filming process, Morris said: “I felt safe and worked out my stagnant grief and newfound hope with each take. It was a cathartic color I hadn’t seen in myself yet. Nothing scares me anymore.”

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